My first one over 12 years ago was quite different

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    Hello everyone! New guy here with a new playtoy. When I built my first bike 12 years ago, it was a friction drive rear hanger on a fully suspended Cannondale. Whew, that thing would do 38mph and was either on or off, no in between with a large lever that brought it into or out of play. I called it my urban assault vehicle and pert near got myself killed a few times and it was constantly breaking down. Ah the labor of love. Now I am enjoying a bit more mellow cruiser that tops out about 33mph and I love the Grubee chain drive and the fact that I don't have to carry around 2-cycle oil. I made a couple of modifications that I would be happy to share if anyone else is enjoying this particular setup. And of course I have to show off some pics....he,he...enjoy. And have a great day!

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    Hi Kreat, welcome to Motoredbikes!