My first post.. Hi from Australia!

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    Hey guys, how is everything going? I'm on vacation at the moment up in Yeppoon, Queensland, but usually live down in Canberra which is the capital (capitol) city of Australia. I have just completed my motorised bicycle, using a $100 bike from Big-W (Kinda like Kmart) and a $300 kit from a company here in Australia called Zbox, who are very good to deal with, I'm sure there may have been cheaper overseas options, but I was a little bit hesitant buying from an O/S supplier due to the fact that I have been burnt before... If anyone could suggest an american or even chinese supplier of 2 Stroke parts i would be very appreciative. I realise that the motor is probably reduced in performance in many aspects, the carby is the same as the one as supplied with the 49cc kit, and the exhaust is very restrictive. I have a couple of idea's in mind as to what I want to do to make it go a bit smoother/faster (ok I admit, I like having a vehicle with a fairbit of go/pickup) First off, I dont really know what its called, but in the way of an exhaust I want to go with one of those curvy fat pipes that curve around to a small outlet. And in regards to the Carby, im thinking of purchasing an inlet manifold which protrudes about the same as the stock one, then does a 180 Degree smooth turn and turns back on itself about the same length. The carby that comes with my kit is the type that clamps on, so Im not too sure what I have in regards to upgrades.. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks heaps, and thank you.



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    hi an welcome from villawood nsw

    have u tried ................

    thats whom i use an run only my bike was 900 bux at the time an motor another 400

    ohhh i now have sbp shiftkit an expansion chamber ...