my first post.

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  1. smokin_marlboros

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    Hello guys I'm Vonya.

    I just finished installing my engine on my bike and now looking for tips and tricks.

    About me. I'm 24 and quite switched on with most things.
    I'm a qualified carpenter and have tickets in the sheet metal and welding industry.
    My current job is a high rise window cleaner.

    I have build a few custom things. One being my Toyota hilux witch is on air bag suspension.


  2. Rusty1

    Rusty1 New Member

    Hello and nice build.
  3. smokin_marlboros

    smokin_marlboros New Member

    Cheers fellas.
    I did a little work to it after work today.
    I had the head and bore off to have a look at the quality.
    The alloy is full of air, very poorly made these ones.
    Carb is **** and there is no reed valve to stop exhaust gases going into the intake... haven't seen the old skol set up since my go kart days...

    Keep an eye out I'll be around the forum.