My first project is not off to a very good start...

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Sparks2056, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I read a few good things about the Kulana Moon Dog, I liked the way the bike looked and it was very comfortable, so I bought it. I got it home and put it together and very shortly after that went on a test ride. There are a few issues. :-x

    I'm thinking about getting an exchange done, but that's two of them bikes in a row that had wobbly front wheels. The display model had a wobbly front so I asked for one that was in the back and unassembled.

    When I looked closely at just the rim, it seemed that it was true. Could a simple tire exchange take care of it?
    Not sure what to think about the brakes rubbing the paint off the rims that quick. Could be normal, I wouldn't know. I haven't had a bicycle in probably 15 years or so.
    Still waiting to get my engine kit in the mail... At least I found out about the wobble going 10MPH instead of 20+...:???:
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  2. Simonator

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    I just bought a moon dog a few days ago, and got it motorized yesterday. I like it. I did notice a slight wobble in the rear wheel. but not as bad as yours! I would exchange it.
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    Is that bike a cheapo walmart bike by any chance? the wheels are always a bit out of true but alot of times the tire doesnt sit right on the rim, i would check the tire first.thats gonna look sweet motorized!
  5. Sparks2056

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    I just got back from walmart and they gave me an exchange. I had to point a few things that were wrong with the bike and they took it into the back and fixed everything. So now I just have to wait for the engine to come.
  6. Esteban

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    I am not trying to be critical, but it IS a CHEAP bike, from WalMart. I ride a non-motorized bike, more than I ride the one with a motor, & my bike is an " entry-level" mountain bike, that sells for almost $400. Your WallyWorld bike was $98, & that is what I paid for a decent bike in the early 1960's. You get what you pay for. PLUS, WalMart has pimple-faced teens who must put 4 bikes together per hour, or lose their job. That is impossible to do & do it correctly. I have had several people bring Wally World bikes to me , that were new, & I spent an hour, each, to correct mistakes, by their assembler, true wheels, etc. One person had fallen from their bike due to loose handlebars & seats !I am not a bike mechanic but I know junk, & poor assembly when I see it.
    I know everyone cannot afford a more expensive bike, but I cannot see riding a $98 motorized Walmart bike at 30mph !! I do NOT usually recommend cheap department store bikes,, but if you must have one, Target stores usually have a little better bike, & they have experienced people to put them together. If you were paid for all your trouble, you could have already started off with a decent bike.
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    Well if ya look in cruzin quays first build in the picture gallery...i just bumped the thread, you see a nice fiore i paid 200.00 bucks looked sweet, but it was too cheap it broke where the brakets mount the engine in the V... a suggestion is go to garage sales, 2nd hand stores and buy the oldest "sturdiest" frame and then get good wheels with a coaster brake. I use a front right brake for extra stopping can paint any frame any color...just a suggestion...good luck...
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    One thing about the tires being wobbly, the bikes are shipped with little to no air in them and if you remember back when cars had nylon belted tires they when get "flat" spots from sitting even over night and after they warmed up they would once again become round. I had just recently bought an IRC tire for the back and after putting it on it also wobbled, the rim was true. Tire was sitting in a pile of tires at the Bike shop and looked a little misshappened but I bought it anyways@ 9.99. So after about a week of riding I looked over the rear tire and it is running true.
  9. Sparks2056

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    Thanks Abeagle, but I filled the tires up to to 50 PSI(the range stated on the tire was 40-65). And did the videoes and the test ride after filling the tires. I already got a replacement bike from Walmart and am happy with the bike, It seems fine and healthy. Just waiting for the engine to come.
  10. I looked at the "moon dog" at wallyworld too, for my first build, because of being cheap $99., it was CHEAP. I decided against it and am going to look at the Skyline next, still cheap at $150. (relatively). It "looks" more comfortable for me 6ft/200lbs. And what I have read it is "easily" converted.
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    The old skyliner motored easily and only needed a front mount fabricated. The new ones seem to have a smaller diamond area but I haven't tried to fit a motor in yet. It may actually work better with the new unround, straightish downtube.

    Please post some pictures of your build if yours is going to be on the new style.
  12. You can try taking out the air,breaking the seal,soap it all up and pump it back up a little at a time till it just seats,then with the low pressure spin the tire seating it as your turning with your hands till it wobbles less and less as youir putting a little more air in it. If done right,by the time it's fully inflated it should at least be less wobbly if not wobbly at all anymore.
    (Not a rant,but were with little moderation at this time. Some of our members are on dial up and a youtube video like that above plays havock on them members. It's much easier on everyone if you post a you tube link instead of posting the video.)
    Overall,you get what you payed for. It's still a nice bike,but go to your local bike shop some day and check out what a 600 dollar bike looks like.
    You'll INSTANLY fall in love.
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    I've found $100 bikes need a lot of care and tuneups for the first while but afterward you're fine. I agree with large about the tires, they're probably fine as long as the rims aren't bent. If his method doesn't help remove the tires and tubes completely and redo. Check that the rubber ribbon protecting the tube from the spoke ends is in good position and condition and even wrap with some electrical or vinyl tape. It's probably best to just upgrade the tubes anyways. Be sure to tighten and lube EVERYTHING!

    Good luck, have fun motoring.
  14. WOAH. You will BLOW your tires at that PSI. Bring it down to 35 PSI with engine. Yes,it seems a bit low but with engine at constant speed pressure will build up.
    Without motor your bike has a chance to cool down. Unless your Neil Armstrong on a cruiser,you won't usually pedal at a constant speed for an extended time. With engine you most certanly will.
    Believe me it won't be a simple flat fix. It would be more of a ruined shredded inner tube explosion.
  15. Alaskavan

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    Large, I respectfully beg to differ. He's still 15 psi under the recommendation. I run the tires on the Trek in that range, and put a lot of long miles on it at 20 - 30 mph. I do run what I consider to be high quality tires on it. This is perhaps an area where reasonable people can disagree?
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    I had the same problem with an old bike of mine. Its just the rear wheel isn't trued, in other words your alignment is off.
  17. Skyliner70cc

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    I run 55psi on all of my MB and none have yet blown up, yet. Most ChinaMart bikes don't come with trued wheels and adding rear sprocket and tightening up the neoprene sprocket thingies makes things worse.
  18. Sparks2056

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    Not sure what that means.
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    He means, tightening up the rubber "doughnuts" that hold the sprocket on.
  20. sparky

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    All this sounds about right to me!

    If a tube busts when in the manufacturer's range, the rider musta jumped off a 3ft tall wall.