My first Project!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ChuckIt, Nov 21, 2008.

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    Since this my first real post after introducing myself, I guess I'll share the details of my first project.

    The bike is a 2007 Trek Navigator II. Oversized aluminum frame, very well built.
    I believe Trek has them Manufactured in Taiwan now. The welding beads alone are a work of art.

    Now, before I ordered the 69cc HT engine from Ebay (zippy-bike - seems to be a good seller), I took a lot of measurements to make sure this motor would fit in the v-frame. Oh Man! this is gonna be a tight squeeze!!

    But I took a chance anyways.

    I received the motor kit. Seems to be better in quality than what I expected. I place the motor in the frame.

    Yep, It fits!! :sweatdro2p:

    Now for some of the mods I foresee.

    I will have to use a short 45 degree elbow of some sorts to make the carb clear the seat tube. It will stick out the right side of the bike. I guess I can call it a side draft carb when it's finished. :biggrin:

    Now the obvious other issue is the oversized tubes. The seat tube is 1 5/16 OD and the down tube is 1 1/2 OD and it's not round tubing. It's sort of pear shaped. I have to make custom motor mounts for it. The motor mounting design I have in mind should work well and be sturdy and it will involve rubber to absorb vibration. For now I will keep this secret until I test it. I will take pics of my progress along the way and show the results here.

    But first I must follow the recommendations and valuable advice I found here in this forum :2thumbsup: on how to prep the HT motor (grade 5 bolts, nuts, washers, replace the wrist pin needle bearing with a Stihl needle bearing, better gaskets, lots of Locktite, etc.

    So there it is, I have a lot of work ahead of me, but the result will be worth it.


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    Sounds like you have done your homework and have a very good plan. Keep us posted.
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    Here's an update.

    HT Motor is prepped and ready to install into my Trek bike. Now I need to fabricate the motor mounts. I'm using radiator hose around the frame tubes to dampen some of the vibration. The hose will be wrapped with steel exhaust adapters that I cut in half. Then everything will be clamped together with exhaust clamps (2 on each tube) which will bolt to the steel motor mount adapter plates that I will fabricate.

    Nothing fancy, but it should be a solid mounting system. I figure having 2 clamps over each other on each tube will prevent any motor twisting that can occur. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    I will take pictures of my progress as I go along. Unfortunately, I have to put this project on temporary hold since I'm moving to the other side of Florida to the Treasure Coast on 12-13. My wife and son are excited about the move since my inlaws live there already:helpsmilie: Just Kidding!!

    Actually, I'm very fortunate and thankfull that I will be getting a Yamaha Axis scooter (50cc) for next to nothing when I arrive there :grin5::grin5:

    More coming soon!

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    Sweet! Post pics of your build!

    Crazy Riding,