My first project...



I'm looking for that "Perfect 80cc 2 stroke", but I'm told it dosen't exsit... So what and where should I consider to buy one....


that particular question will get you a ton of opinions, as evidenced by the myriad examples of the same questions/polls/reviews posted by those before you. there are discussions going on about different sizes, standards in advertising, & strengths and weaknesses of the various engines & the also-various kits...

as admittedly new to this, you should consider everything you can find here, just read as much as you can stand before you click "buy now"...

on our resources page are some sellers of happy-times who share links with us, there are a few sellers who socialize here, too.

if you're not absolutely set on the happy-time, you'll find a lot of great alternatives to consider, also.

i know this may seem like a non-answer, but if you just chill and read for a few days, all will be revealed 8)