My first ride/Instructions needed.



This is my fist bike I've ever put together, i jsut ordered an 70cc engine kit off of ebay. The carb came broken so its not working YET. but i have asked for a new carb.

Please leave feedback on things i can improve.


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Instrustions needed

Can someone send me instructions on how to connect the gass line to the carborator and how to wire everything, including the clutch. For an Ebay motor kit? THe guy i ordered mine from is not responding the the 4 or 5 emails i've sent him so i'm resorting to you guys, Thanks
this whole forum is a set of instructions, my friend...all those problems are addressed here...i know you don't want to hear this, but you're gonna have to learn how to use the search function. with practice, it works great :)

hint: go "advanced" and use 2 or more keywords. when you find a relevant topic, post your question or comment there as a "reply"

(ps-spellcheck is gonna be a big help to you, no offense is intended)

some sellers who have their own sites have step-by-steps, including a couple of our sponsors...whether they apply or not, they may be of some help...i still believe your best bet is to search MBc, and before you know it, you'll be moving right along :cool:
looks good so far
your sprocket looks like it is flat, (no offset)
might give you problems with lining up with engine sprocket
Hey you can get free instructions on almost any bike kit site-- Kings .
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