My first ride - Robins-Subaru EH035


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2:40 AM
Aug 11, 2008
Pitt Meadows, BC. Canada
Received my engine yesterday and installed it on my Free Spirit bicycle last evening, but didn't have time for a test ride before bedtime, however, I did fire up the engine.. it started on the 2nd pull. When I woke up this morning and had my coffee, I headed out to my garage, fired up the engine and went for my first ride. I did a 3-block radius ride from my house and returned safely and without any malfunctions. After an inspection of my installation, I noticed that I have to move the aluminum channel a bit more to the left, as the left sidewall of the tire is too close to the side of the channel. Otherwise, the motor and the bike works fine.. looking forward to another ride this evening after work if the rain showers hold off. Incidently, the purchase of this beautiful little engine is a reward to myself for quitting smoking, now over 2 months ago.:D
A NICE REWARD !! Smoking sucks - and I am having a hard time quitting.. That's a sweet little engine you got there - enjoy.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman and don't forget to -- Ride That Thing
Rs 35

I'm not familiar with your setup but am thoroughly pleased with my same motor on a gebe setup. I'm at 5,000' altitude and may have jetting concerns but I've run the **** out of it for a break-in with nary a complaint.
Congrats on the bike, but MOSTLY on the quitting smoking. I smoked for a number of years (but quit over 20 years ago now - and I'm not that old so that tells you how young I started! From 13-22 years old was my "smoking career"). For me, the trick was to THINK of myself as a non-smoker, NOT as an X-Smoker or someone who smoked and was trying to quit. I WAS a non-smoker. Once you come to grips with that idea (and figure out what to do with all that extra TIME that you wasted when you were smoking), you'll be over the biggest hurdle!

Again, congrats!

The community where I live is only 20 feet above sea level, but I'll keep an eye on my oil for signs of fuel, but hey, this is my first day of riding (motorized), and I am quite adiment about taking it easy for the break-in period. I only have about 15 minutes running time on the engine so far and my top speed has not been over 23 mph.
A lot of different thoughts in regards to break in period. Have always had good luck with a variance of speeds - not including top speed for long while new. I have heard that these engines need no break in - but - I stick to what has worked in the past. On most of the small motorcycles that I bought years back - break in period was the first 500 miles - I think. We have the full range from - ride it hard - to wait a few hundred miles.. Ride That Thing - Mountainman