My first ride :]

My First Ride

My first ride, finally completed. Everything is great, accept the petcock leaking but oh well I'll fix it. The fuel line also has a small leak when meeting the carb. I don't know what that's called haha.
I WILL ziptie the lines on the handlebars later haha.


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Congratulations! A fine looking machine.
You can get better fuel line at an auto parts store. You want 1/4 in. INSIDE diameter.
hose clamp at petcock and fuel filter. Only problem I had was that this would not fit the carburetor nipple. I temporarily put on a bit of the stock fuel line. eventually I'll go to a home improvement place and get some new line. Just gotta watch out that it's chemical resistant. I'll post back here if there are any troubles.
Trash the pot-metal petcock and get a brass one from or much better quality and won't snap in half if you over-tighten it. (yes, that's why I bought my brass one)
Haha I just added teflon tape, and that sealed it right up. You are right though. Of these days I just know somethings going to happen to that petcock.
Those green Kulanas look great.

Put a chain tensioner on the motor chain. With that tapered tube you may need to "flatten" out one side to match the taper. Some members on here had a great idea to drill and tap a hole for a bolt to hold tension on it so it wouldn't slip down the taper.
You can add a tensioner, but as long as your chain isn't rubbing the frame, when your chain loosens up you can just take a link out. You should definitely put an inline particulate filter in your fuel line. The petcock has a filter but it only catches the larger pieces.
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