My first very cheap build.

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    This is my first MB build. I was trying to go as cheap as possible because I really just want something to ride to work on, which is only three miles away. The kit is from powerkingshop on Ebay, and I have to say that after reading stuff on here about the kits from ebay, I was a little worried. However, after receiving the kit, everything seemed to look pretty good. The instructions were junk, but I have been on this site for a few weeks now so I didn't really need them. I think the install went ok for my first build and the motor started up on the first try without any problems (other than I didn't have the chain tension right).

    I bought the mountain bike at Good Will for $6. It's a ten speed, but because the chain and derailleurs were rusted so bad I just converted it to a single speed by replacing the chain and removing everything else. I know it's not the correct way to do it, but it works and I don't really plan on pedaling this one very much. I also threw on a ghetto paint job. I took the seat off another mountain bike I have because the one that came on it was just hard plastic. The first upgrade I plan is a new seat though because this one is still not comfortable and the bike doesn't have any suspension like I'm used to.

    I drove it to work today for the first time and man did it get a lot of attention. I really didn't expect that much attention. The plant manager, plant superintendent, and maintenance supervisor all came out to look at it. Later someone took pictures of it and e-mailed it to our second plant across town.

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  2. Nice the goodwill store can yeild a lot of good cheap stuff for projects.
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    They do get attention when someone notices the motor. It's surprising how many don't. Great job, just goes to show what can be done with a little work and a coat of paint.
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    Bravo! And, you're already a good will Ambassador for MBs!
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    Good first build, however you're brakes strike fear into my heart. Please, for safety's sake, upgrade them.
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    :lol:Yes, I have already realized that the current breaks are not adequate. They provide very little stopping power. Right now I just slow down in plenty of time before I need to stop and hope that I don't have to make any sudden stops.:grin: