My first wipeout on my MB...


Local time
6:40 AM
Aug 7, 2008
Columbia, SC
Well, serious wipeout today on my MB, and it was not my fault!

I was cruising along in the shoulder of a road (one lane in each direction) going about 15mph when a white car passed me and quickly slammed the brakes on and pulled into the shoulder and partway into the grass.

This left me no choice but to hit the brakes and go off into the grass. Well hitting the grass at 15mph was ok I was thinking, BUT the first bump I hit hard was enough to loosen the handlebars and send me catapaulting over the now loose handlebars and hitting the ground left shoulder first and then the bike flipping ontop of me and burning my right leg a little until I got it off me.

Well, after a minute or so I was able to get up with a very badly bruised shoulder, sizeable burn on my leg, cut open hand, and a busted open knee from some part of the bike that busted me open.

Needless to say the white car pulled away as I was laying on the ground.

I was a solid 10 miles from home with no one to help me during the day, so I had to slowly cruise back home with my tail between my legs and recover.

And to top off all the injuries..... the first thing I did when I got home was roll her inside to tighten the handlebars nice and tight.... and wouldn't you know it that the bolt seems to be a metric allen head that I do not have!

Bad luck for me today.....
You will rise again

Hope it wont be long before ya ride again. Bad luckm is that guy in Canada in ctitical condition from rairoad trackes and a bunch of members complaining he is spoiling for them ya write. hope recovery is swift
I was tempted to say that I can't believe people would do such a thing to each other. But after thinking about it for one half of a second I realized that it's all too easy to believe. We've all had close calls with numbskulls throwing a ton and a half of moving weight at us.

And this jerk had the nerve to just leave the scene. I'm guessing that you had no time to get a license number, but I do hope you filed a police report anyway.

And once we get laws legitimizing us on the roads we need to work on laws that crack down on these people who try to kill others with their cars. "To protect and to serve" seems to be badly lacking in this department.

I really am sorry to hear of this. But it sounds like you and your bike are not hurt too badly. At least it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
We've all had close calls with numbskulls throwing a ton and a half of moving weight at us.

Man bluegoat sure is right about numbskulls driving. They think because we ride bikes we are not even there sometimes. I really hope nothing was too serious with your injuries or your bike.

Why do you think this person stopped s_beaudry? It sounds like it was on purpose.
I wonder whythey pulled off like that? to harrass you?

glad you'll be okay
It hasn't happened to me but i've heard of car drivers deliberately targeting cyclists to run them off the road(or worse)
Sorry for your experience,seems were all at risk by the lunatic factor.
One of these days some one is going to target the wrong cyclist and they are going to be in a world of hurt. Around here the cyclists travel in small packs and they are all older graying haired white guys who have a variety of professions.... and when I say profession I mean they are professionals, like Dr's and LAwyers etc. Even when one is ahead the rest are not far behind.

In that case they would be screwed by the law, which is good.

but one day someone is going to get driven off the road and they are going to have firearm and then the dirt bag who drove them of the road is going to get hurt as badly if not worse then the cyclist. And I'd have to say that I think it would be possibly justified.
I'm actually not willing to believe that deliberately running a bicyclist off the road is very common. But swerving at bikes and other harassment is more common than it should be.

I also hold the opinion that most autos are actually pretty considerate if you make yourself so visible that they simply can not ignore you. I've watched them and most definitely move over and make room when they pass me. Perhaps ten percent don't try as hard as I'd like, maybe the "move-over" is kinda lack-luster. But then there are, perhaps, 1 % who don't seem to feel that they have any responsibility to avoid hitting you at all. Most of us still don't hit us, but it's not because they've done anything to avoid it. I honestly think that they don't give a single bit of thought to the fact there might be bikes or peds on the road. And they don't feel that there's any need for them to think about it.

This is only a guess, really, but I have a feeling that this white car did what he did for some reason of his own and the fact that s beaudry was there was simply no concern for him. I don't mean to imply that since he didn't mean any harm we shouldn't be mad at him. Just the opposite. Negligence like that should be a jail-able offense. And I do wish that the cops would crack down on idiots like this.
Something else comes to mind.

We might be wise to make sure there is some (hopefully small) contact between ourselves and the cars that do this sort of stuff to us. That way when the jerk takes off, he's now committed a hit-and-run.
I think some people are just idiots. Put them in a car and they seem to have a thought induced shield to make themselves seem invincible to their own idiocy.