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    I just finished my first build. It's an aluminum Sun Cruiser w/ a 49cc 2-stroke engine. Needed a helping hand from my local machine shop to fabricate an mounting bracket to allow for my extended frame and bend the exhaust to allow for pedal clearance. Thinking about swapping the stock boygofast chain tensioner for something more sturdy. Any ideas out there? Thanks for the feedback, this is my first motored bike, forum post, and album so I am excited to hear back from some fellow aficionados.

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    Welcome to MBc

    Nice looking bike...
    Something about the drive chain, seems a bit too long, it just don't look right from here.
    Try this..., ( improvise first )

    Move the chain tensioner down a bit so it's almost inline with the rim or the white-wall tire. Then drop the roller adjustment all the way to the bottom, so it's very lose.
    Then figure out if you may need to carfully remove a link or 2 from the chain.
    Then adjust the tension again, not too tight, but not too lose either.
    These chains do have a tendency to stretch.