my for-real winter/show/hot-rod trike project



this will be something for don and me to work on thru the winter...i'm not even gonna try to pretend it's my "commuter"...this will be for show or official runs only. i haven't measured the yamaha, it runs great, my research says approx 125cc. was asking for help to id the frame...found what i needed to know...looks like i got me a worksman!!!

can you say "wild in the streets?" rock!!


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I was gonna say, "That'll keep ya...." But it's been said. I bet that trike has had some interesting history.
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i've been dying to use one of the 4-stroke plants i have, this one just wrote itself...

there must be a 1/4" of paint on this trike in some places :LOL: :LOL:

it does have a history, was well-known around town for many years. big ol battery in the cart with a full-blown stereo. maybe wavy' can tell me more about the original owner. i understand that more than a few people will be tickled to see her brought back to life. i intend to do us all proud with this one :cool:
dude.....what a score!!! Man, that looks sturdy!!
Do I see a "stretch" in your future? (I am sooo fighting off the TALL jokes...:LOL::LOL::LOL:)

Can't wait for this to come together!!

gawd, I dig trikes!!
the trike !!

this is one of about 10 differnt trikes i built for my handicapped friend gary church. we rode trikes for many years here on the beach.gary had a parrot named tequila that rode on the bike with him everywhere we went as we tripped the light fandango in the days of a more innocent america & free times, can you say groovy man? the storys the trike could tell whould have to censored! i origionally installed complete 12 volt system , head lights, tail & turn signals, & car stero & speakers! it really rocked dudes! gary is still alive after a severe stroke in a assited liveing home. he will be so glad to hear it will be brought to life again. if i catch him on one of his good days! we used to go to beach during big storms, winds 50 to 80 or so & hold your coats open like a sail & get blown down the beach at warp speed! the bike was rolled one night as he tried to mount her as she started rolling down hill , he got going to fast before he got on & front brake cable snapped when he tried to slow down to make turn at bottom of hill & cranked wheel then she rolled! i thought id -ee myself laughin! id cuold go on with many more stories & history about the bike & owner & i cant think of anyone more deserveing of the old jewel than the dog man!!:D:LOL::p;)
was snickering at the antenna and duct tape when I saw the eagles on the rear fenders. WOW!:eek:
What a true piece of work. Congrats Augi!
Your're a good man Wavy, and I agree it couldn't have a better owner to add more stories to it's miles.
I'm gonna watch this close for I'm dying to know how you're gonna stick that rear sprocket on there. The way that rear coaster is mounted is similar to the way my trike is mounted.
too easy...centrifugal clutch/belt/pulley-on-axle

(the axle has a long keyway in it, too easy, really)

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