My friends e-bike build

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motorpsycho, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. motorpsycho

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    A friend of mine introduced me to Mathew shumaker out of Island Lake Il.
    Here is an e-bike that he is buiding in his tiny shop.
    It's a recumbent bike (which i don't care for) but his drive line is incredibly engineered, and he made the majority of the parts himself.
    you want an e-bike that doesn't weight 100 lbs. and that is capable of going 55+ mph?
    go check this out.

  2. professor

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    The guy is a real brain. Amazing.
  3. SimpleSimon

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    Yeah, he posted his build log here, under the handle recumpense, if I remember correctly. He does outstanding work.
  4. Hajuu

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    My lord, that thing looks SO FUN. Do want.
  5. Alaskavan

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