My GEBE Belt died. Dont leave home with out a extra

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. While motoredbiking over the last 12 months I occasionally noticed a strange vibration. As the miles rolled by the vibration became more frequent. Today I noticed my tanaka reving a higher rpm at a lower mph:shock:. I was 10 miles from home when the engine reved with no pull. I coasted to a stop and after a quick inspection I discovered that the teeth on the GEBE[Gates] belt were completely gone and had turned to a dark fuzzy stuff that was wrapped around the idler.. I guess I have about 500 to 700 miles on the belt. My to do list now inclueds 1 carrying a extra belt in my tool pouch 2 drilling some small holes just above the axle drop outs on the GEBE motor rack that will align with the bicycle fender or pannier thread holes so I can attach the rack to the bike frame and making it easier to remove and replace the rear wheel. Changing a tire or fixing a rear flat is a real bear when dealing with the engine rack and a bike with rear derailuer;)

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    how about just putting 2 small "studs" in place to rest the rack on during wheel changeouts?

    it's too bad your mishap made me think of this fix...what do you think?
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    Makes good sense to me Augi...
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    With only 325 miles on my gebe I don,t know about the belt deal too much yet...I always pedal when I start out and am not agressive on the throttle either at take off. I think this is what contributes to all the belt/spoke problems I read about...just my opinion...After this summers riding I can give a better review on all this. I have my engine frame mounted.
  5. The "vibration" you noticed was the belt teeth slipping on the drive gear. 500 miles is about what I'm getting from mine as well. I keep a close eye on tracking, but it doesn't seem to help with the 500 mile belt issue. There is always belt dust on the engine mounting plate, and under my idler arm/lever. Again I weigh in at 340 lbs though. That's what I'm blaming my belt wear on. When it comes to spokes, I have over 900 miles on these 10 guage spokes that were put in by "The Wheelmaster", and no problem yet. At any rate, don't feel like the "lone ranger" when it comes to belts.
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    i just sold a redmax gebe motor with over 5k on the belt no lie. but i always pedaled to help it out. my currant motor which i abuse totally shows no sign of belt wear but its only got about 200 miles on it.i will keep abusing mine and keep you posted.
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    Try goodyear belts they last a lot longer than cheap gates or dayco belts.......I have a 96 ford f-150 with all the original hoses still on there and their goodyear. Put a gates hose on and your lucky if it lasts 4 years. Goodyear belts are the same = better quality.
  8. The problem would be most likely finding a goodyear belt with kevlar backing, and the right size to boot. If you know where to get a goodyear belt that will fit the GEBE setup, please lemme know! :)
  9. Something else that definitely adds to the belt slippage issue is if the drive ring gets off center, or out of round, and makes the idler jump a lot. My ring is starting to get off center. Guess it's time to break out the truing stand, and the
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    Just my opinion but with all these gates belts breaking the kevlar isnt doing its job [?]. All belts are numbered according to their length so cross referencing the belts should be no problemo. Try a goodyear belt youll be pleasantly surprised even at the feel of it vs the cheapo belts.
  11. I guess it makes ya wonder if it's doing it's give it to ya there. Hmmm...that'll give me something to do...figure out how to cross reference the gates belt. I've already attempted to find an alternative belt, with no success so far. Maybe I need to give it another go...hehe.
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    Whats the gates # for that belt? How wide, length and is it ribbed on the friction side? or give me a description of what the friction side consists of. Is it like an automotive belt with 6 ribs?
  13. Width looks awfully close to 3/8".... it's a flat "V"'s ribbed...looks to be about 6 teeth, or ridges per inch. Not really sure how to give you the length without cutting mine, (all I have in this vicinity is a 25' retractable tape The following info is on the belt: GATES 16355MO9K SPCL. After that is another smaller number as follows: 0808MC That's about all I can give ya to go by.
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  15. I think I've actually been to the same page.....none of the numbers jive. Also, after doubling the belt, and laying it accross the edge of my desk, I measure the doubled belt at very close to 32".
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    belt life and some for sale

    I have a few of these belts i bought extra for the gebe when i was using that system.. i got about 700 miles on each and was pretty easy on them. i weigh 170. not kg. maybe i have 6. i got them ordered locally, they are german made and good quality i think i paid about 6 bucks each. beats gebe 20 dollars aye? If you want to buy just pm me, 6 dollars each plus shipping. i have paypal acc. or just send a check. alway carry extra belt but by the speedo you can count on replacement when getting to 700m. i don't care what gebe says. i would clamp the ring to the spokes, not epoxy, i tried that and the spokes continue to move through the plastic ring. there was a fellow here that posted pics of his clamp system. he was using a recumbent and pulling a trailer uphill. i liked the mileage but got frustrated with the ring system. the belt and ring just wasn't beefy enough. using whizzer now and falling in love but it is more like a motorcycle.
    just went to look and i only have 4 belts, they are branded JASON 63 inch XL
    one looks used. so how about 20 plus ship? btw, i also have a 25cc redmax that need work, i put about 3k on it and it had some minor prior use before i bought it and the gebe kit on ebay. name an easy price and its yours. w.
  17. Yeah Wes, I go as easy as I can on these belts, and still get 500 mi. I guess for a feather light clean system like the GEBE there are sacrifices that must be made. Although, going by what some of the folks say out here, it makes me think that there is an allignment, or possibly the off centered ring problem that is causing premature wear. The GEBE system is hard to beat if ya want an ultra light, no drip, odor free motored bike that you could park in the living room if ya want.
  18. darwin

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    RRRRRRR I give up! Thats a special belt I guess, Ive never seen a belt that couldnt be cross referenced till now. Anyway I still think a goodyear belt is better quality. If I had that belt Id go to a parts store with it in hand and then Id have one. Id ask the clerk to let me loose in back untill I had her in hand! lol
  19. I hear ya bro....yeah, they've got this one pretty well sewed I wish they weren't quite so expensive. I just changed mine again today...less than 400 miles...grrrrr. There's no doubt that a goodyear would be better...couldn't get much
  20. Rob55

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    Darwin better yet walk in the parts store belt in hand and hand it to the clerk. They got a little gizmo to put the belt on and find the right size.