my gt5 super rat is amazing

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    hey fellow bikers im new to the world of motorized bikes and i have to say that i love it im currently riding a trek 800 its an older bike built in the 80s but it works perfectly with the sick bike jack gear i have 6 speeds and the gt5 super rat is a great engine to use as a drive i cant tell you how much fun ive had on the first one i built with a china motor and a regular drive but this new bike is insane and i would like to find more people in my area to enjoy some trail rides in oak ridge there are many close by places to have a good time just motoring along and having fun wind rock is my fav location it has hills and roads away from traffic and it is an awsome veiw of the tn mnts its good to see so many people enjoying the same things i do and i save tons of gas money this bike is my means of transit i suggest that everyone get on the motorized bike train its amazing fun and its very cost effective

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    Hi. Yep, they're pretty cool :)