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    I own several cyclemasters in various stages of degradation to running,the oldest one was bought new by my grandfather in 1950 new for £25.when he finished with it in 1963/4 he sold it to me for a shilling i used it on a farm road until I stopped and I progressed to a 350cc Ariel and then a BSA Goldflash then a Rocketgoldstar ,meanwhile the Cyclemaster lay rotting and neglected in a shed until a few years back when i dragged it out and started looking for parts to fix it hence the the collection of seven complete ones and four spare engines,its become a bit of obsession .I now have a sparta autocycle to look at .see you.
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    we want pictures of the autocycle
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    when ive mastered getting photos from computer to site i'll post some,the bike is 62years old the wheel 60 years and still going strong.see you