My HT build.

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    Here's a couple of pics of my happy time build. The details are as follows. Disk hub sprocket adaptor, Through frame throttle cable ( to make it fit). Apart from new gaskets and a cut down pipe mod all is stock. its great fun on a bmx track. Its a tight fit into the frame, i had to dent the top tube to get the spark plug to fit. to change the spark i have to loosen motor mounts and rotate it out to clear the frame. The other interference was the air cleaner so had to make a temporary one till i can get on to doing a better job of it. Then i will do a rear brake ( not that i'd use it, for other peoples sake really). I prefer less cables running around so theres no rush to do that though.

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    Very cool looking build! The rear brake is actually more useful than you may think. You may not ever need it until you have to slow down real quick on an sandy patch or gravel road. You don't want that front wheel going out from under you. Some of the offroad skids you can do also make it completely worthwhile :)
    Have fun, be proud!
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    Actually that's a good suggestion...i FORCE myself to use the rear brake to keep in practice.......crash stops. :eek:
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    That is a nice build!! Yeah I always use rear brake or other wise it means coming off of the throttle to pull the front disc brake, much prefer slowing down with rear brake.