My Huffy Davidson




After several tries I've finally gotten a picture of my first build posted here. (Augie, thanks for the assistance with that!) I'm having a GREAT time with it, after ironing out all the bugs. I recently registered it as a moped. This, following a heart pounding, low-speed, PO-lice pursuit straight thru the 3000 population metropolis that I live in. The cops didn't give me a ticket, but I had to get in touch with the State registry, who send an officer to my home to put a VIN on my bike, and a title application, then I had to get the plate. All of which cost me a grand total of $5+change. Actually, the guy from the State registry was blown away by my bike, as are many others around town. I'm hoping to do a LOT of riding this coming spring and summer, it's WAAAaaay to cold now in NH. This thing is MORE FUN than my Miata!!!

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