My hybrid bike

This is the complete Staton gear and chain two cycle engine drive kit with the NuVinci hub.It has the Bionx PL350 system on the front wheel.The lights are from Jet Lites Starfire Dual Beam W/ 5 Way Smart Switch.The bike frame is from Redline. It's a Monocog 26in large frame. It was a single speed bike.I have it on you tube if you want to check it out.


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The motor that Im useing is the Mitsubishi ENCORE TL43 and my top speed is 35 mph
That thing must HAUL arse accelerating! Very nice completion it looks like it has all the bells and whistles too. Nice to see a good paint job as well have you thought about a sleeve or paint job for the bionx unit?

Beware of rear spoke breakage. I don't know if my recent breaks at the spoke nipples was a fluke or more widespread. Check them often, I noticed mine at 450mi. Wheel stayed true though.
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