My idea of the perfect motorized bike


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2:03 AM
Jan 24, 2008
Bike engine kits have definitely improved in the last few years and I hope they continue to do so.
First of all, a good quality engine would be great, but it's the drive hub that I feel could be greatly improved if someone would just do it. Whether an in-frame engine kit or an above the rear wheel engine mount, either would be ok with me with either a belt or chain drive if they would just make a rear wheel without traditional spokes to mount the sheave or sprocket on. Like a heavy plastic of some kind or a mag-type wheel or even a metal wheel so there is no problem with the torque of the engine loosening the spokes or the sprocket or sheave getting out of alignment. Or even a front wheel mounted kit would be ok if a stronger wheel than the traditional spoke wheel could be used. Many motorcycles are now using belt drive, so I have no problem with belt drive on a bicycle, especially a geared belt. The Golden Eagle kit would be great if it was about $300 cheaper and the rear wheel belt drive was mounted to a non-spoke wheel. So close yet so far away.