my improved shwinn bike

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  1. cspaur13

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    80cc raw engine with cns racing carb with performance airfilter,boost, 36t spocket on my shwinn del mar.

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  2. KDC1956

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    Nice Job.

    Nice bike you have.You did a great job I think.:cool2:
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    She's a beauty. You need a good bike lock to keep that one.
  4. cspaur13

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    its not very pretty now. i hit 40mph and i heard aloud pop and i looked down and my moter was just barly hanging on to the bike. the front moter mout snapped in half and my pedals hit it the whole way home cause it wouldnt stay still and i had to pedal 3 miles home. it sucked. im using locktyte on everything next time and mabey evan super glue
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  5. Why remove the rear fender? And the trick with keeping the front fender and adding Brakes is to ,of course drill out all the rivets and replace with 10/32 machine screws, Put the l bracket in front of your forks the your brakes will fit. Because they factory bend the Fenders on the sides so it will go through the forks but.. Th bend is longer than needed and it just so happens its in the back of the fork so you can just move it to the front of the fork by taking your front wheel off then pull the l bracket bolt and move it to the frontput brake stud right through the hole. Works great. This is a real tip here man. hey are nice bikes. I built the first one with a SpeedSter Motors Engine and the New ones Is the SpeedSter Tiger Brand. All Live Fast 70cc'ers Unless Asked for specific 38, 48, 55, or 60. I work with a coulple of Distributers and really Like the LiveFastMotors Tiger 70, and the 60cc'er SpeedSter is amazing, Well matter of fact their 48 cc Round head has a wind to it. But its eithere LiveFast Speedsters or Tiger or The Jiali From China these are torquey on the powerband. Woow hold on. Yea them Front brakes are a must with that there 50cent peice with teeth of a sprocket out back. Darn I never knew they were so small.
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    i'll get around to putting the back fender back on, i have to bend the 1 side of it so it dont rub the chain. im probally gonna put some front brakes on in alittle while, i have to go get some. do they carry them at like walmart or target. thanks for the tip. yea that sprocket is half the size of the 44 teeth and it only ways about a pound or less, pulls her to 40mph pretty good.
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  7. Our Target and Wal-mart no longer carry brakes
  8. cspaur13

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    yea they only carry bike locks and helmets there. thats about all.
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    Hey that's cool!!! I liked it. Its a small black beauty. You have really improved its condition.
  11. crazeehorse

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    i just bought a new Del Mar, well almost new, with a new 80cc kit. the guy that bought the bike , & kit did'nt have such good luck with it. He did'nt have the rear sprocket trued up, so his chain would not stay on. The biggest problem was the center hole in the rear sprocket. I enlarged it so the coaster brake had plenty of clearance. I wonder about the wheels holding up, they seem pretty light weight. Otherwise i really like the bike. I will start working on it this week. Any tips or tricks would be most welcome.

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  12. cspaur13

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    thanks. well its not in god condition anymore. i blew up the motor and its had its affect on the bike. i packed up the motor. i'l eventually get a better quality pocketbike motor and something with th escooter guy setup.


    nice bike. i couldnt keep the rear fender wither. you could if you modifyed it.
    yea i had the same problem. had to enlarge the hole so it would fit.
    the rim sucks.
    well idk if it will be the same since your hole has been enlarged the whole time. but i had my 44 that came with the bike and i enlarged the center hole then i got a 36 from dax and didnt and it shredded the dust cover thing and 9 or 10 spokes broke just on that one side and that caused the rim to bend. im not sure if the spokes breaking was because of not enlarging the hole but then i got all new dt swiss spokes on that side and enlarged the center hole on the 36 tooth and it was fine.but i onl put 10 miles on the new spokes till the motor went out. i also had a problem with the chain rubbing the tire once in a while. not much clearence.
    and dont buy the cns carb. you will probally have to re do your motor mounts to fit the air filter. and it probally is the reason y my motor blow up cause it would always run to lean no matter how much i adjusted it. good luck to you. my motor could of just been a dud. but you might want to get a 12 gauge spoke or a heavy duty spoke. i think stock is 14.

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  13. meatball758

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    nice build..i just completed my del-mar....
  14. cspaur13

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    wow thats a really nice build. i can tell you took your time and made it custom.
    where did you get the red rims.