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  1. JFUZZ

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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that when my co-worker first told me about his motorbike I thought he was a little on the nerdy side, to my dismay I test drove it for about 5 minutes and was racing up my steps to order one for myself! Since building my motorbike I have had several friends join the fun, as of now 3 co-workers now are cruising the good life and 2 more are in the works of building/ buying bikes and the 2-stroke engines! My one complaint is that bike shops here in Louisville are not a big fan of taking a boaring old bike and making it cool, the only help I can is from this site! Though my bike is running perfect today, tomorrow could always be a different story. Well I guess that's all, if you live in the Highlands end of Louisville and want people to ride with let me know!

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  2. scokes

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    Nice rides, I like the seat on the first one and the tank sticker on the second one.

    Welcome to the site. It must be nice to have fellow bikers to ride with. I'm all alone here in Arkansas, or so it seems.

    Beleive me, all of the answers are here...
  3. moped-dan

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    Sweet bike bro welcome to the club! Ride it like you stole it!
  4. JFUZZ

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    Thanks buddy, but who said I didn't steal it? :devilish:
  5. bamabikeguy

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    An insta-gang !!

    You guys will have a blast wheeling right up to the shore on fireworks days, or going out to horse country.

    Horses LOVE to race along the fence versus my bike.
  6. JFUZZ

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    Yeah I'm looking forward to the group cruises! Liked your bike, how much of Florida did you travel?
  7. bamabikeguy

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    Just down to Amelila Island/Jacksonville area, looping around both sides of the Okefeenokee swamp.

    My cousin lives in that Between the Lakes area, I'm plotting my next route to somehow clip Ohio, try and touch 12 more state lines.
  8. JFUZZ

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    That's a beautiful area and trails for days! Have fun and watch out for the drunk high school kids flying around the lake!