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    I'm not sure how many members you have from New Zealand but I'll take advice from anyone. I have been hooked on bikes for about 7 years, I import bikes and accessories from Taiwan and China and this is the latest phase in my addiction. I can tinker and build almost anything and am planning a Felt, look alike with an internal frame tank, stretched and modified so that my 6 foot 5 frame (197cm) does not look too out of place. I want to plonk a 50cc chinese 2 stroke in it. And given the national colour of New Zealand is black my build will be Matt, midnight black..I am approaching that age where sweat is not cool, but not so old that i cannot appreciate cool design. glad to be on board. Hope that I can share the build with the rest of you addicts.. and maybe I can even share the wonders of one of gods great games ( rugby) with you all from time to time.
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    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    We do have some guys from your area of the world.
    Rugby? Is that a new indoor sport?
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    Surely you jest

    Rugby is what your gridiron would look like if you took off the helmets, padding and had 15 men play for the whole game. Thanks for the welcome. ride on....:jester: