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    Greetings. I am endeavoring to bike-pack around the Big Island of Hawai'i. I basically want to be a migrant farm laborer through WWOOF until I find a community & job I like. I rebuilt my Worksman industrial cruiser at the airport & must've biked the most glorious 100 miles of my life in my first week. Now one month in, the hills are proving very daunting, even though I'm ten times the cyclist I was. So I'll start searching forums to try to find out if adding motor is legal as I'm non-liscenced. Also I'm considering the cost/benefit ratio of elec vs gas. Maybe someone's already done the legwork for me, but I'll have more questions than responses for a while.:bowdown:

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    Hello and welcome. I have seen several here from Hawaii so your not there alone:)

    Lots of folk here to help out in any case.

    I hear you about the hill climbing thing. Our town is laid out in a aincent lake bed and the "hills" are former river bank/lake bed called benches but when it comes to riding up them they are hills, just no downside at the top ;)