My John Deere

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    Built this thing last summer just for fun and had an amazing time with it. It's a friction drive setup i made, but i can lift the motor with a hand lever like a clutch on a motorcycle. No pedaling required, it just goes and works perfectly, hardly wears the tire. Everything is easy to take apart for servicing.

    Got it ready for the summer, put 27kms on it saturday. Calculated my average fuel economy for the day and i got 3.125L/100kms about 80ish MPG. Should get better on fuel once it warms up and since i got a slipping problem solved.

    Everybody asks why i used such a small bike, im not a big guy, i fit on it very well, its very comfortable, light, i can throw it in my trunk, and its funny. my buddy built one also and we just have a blast. The do about 35km/h when tuned for the weather.


    Thank you Dollarama for the headlights and the new fuel tank!

    The clutching mechanism
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  2. echotraveler

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    one great looking bike, was ment to be
  3. srdavo

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    great looking lil bike. nice design!!
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  5. 66 elcam

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    thanks, it worked out pretty well, i mounted the motor to the little rack that was already built into the bike. the original plan was to use the centrifugal clutch from the weed wacker, but it broke in pieces after the first 3 rides. So i made a new stub shaft that engaged directly to the crank, thus i created my own clutch from the pivot of the rack.
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    clutch drum broke after three rides?what brand weedeater is it?i have a shindiawa and its never failed in two years.the bike looks clean tho.
  7. 66 elcam

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    the motor is a homelite. what happened was the drum pulled away from the motor and the shoes of the clutch flung out, snapped off and i had to pedal this little thing home, not fun.

    the hand clutch it what makes the bike now, everyone that can see/hear it is impressed. another nice thing is i can start the motor with it.
  8. Mountainman

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    wow -- I really like your little motor bike there
    that THING is sweet to say the least !!

    I know how much we enjoy motor bikes such as this one
    I was just thinking though
    to give a motor bike like this one you built
    to a young boy or girl maybe 8 to 12 years old
    man I would have taken that THING to bed with me -- every night
    so as to make sure that it would be there in the morning so as to --

    ride the motor bike THING
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    Hey its awesome!! Keep up the good work and enjoy riding it!!
  10. 66 elcam

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    Thanks, big ride this weekend!