My Kestrel, the first time ever run...

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  2. I'll post a video of me riding it soon...
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    wow, you need to turn the idle down quite a bit.
  4. It doesn't have an idle, It doesn't even have a throttle! The only adjustment that the carb has is a jet and if I turn that even an 1/8 of a turn it kills the engine...
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    then how in the heck can you ride it and control the speed?
    you need to find a carb that has an idle adjustment and a throttle.
  6. The carb is so small it's almost a mixer and I adjust the speed by tightening or loosening the belt. I have it set up with a pedal, so the more I press the pedal down, the faster I go... :D

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  7. I'll bet this was a stationary engine designed to run at a constant speed to pump water, generate electricity, etc. It looks to be a very nice build. I built a scooter, mostly wood, when I was young, a thousand years ago, with a Maytag constant speed engine designed to run a clothes washer which used a similar speed control. My family also had a reel type self-propelled mower that used a pully tensioner/clutch and v-belt drive. The system works fine, but it will go through v-belts at a fairly high rate. Nice job, young man.
  8. Yeah, this is a Briggs and Stratton washing machine engine. I bought it at an auction for $4 and me and the local mechanic got it to run again.
  9. I'm afraid your bike wouldn't be street legal here in Pennsylvania. An assisted bicycle here must remain capable of being pedal driven and the operator must have a valid driver's license(age 16). I'm pretty sure the driver's license requirement is to prevent folks who have lost their driving privileges(primarily from DUIs) from simply shifting to a motored bike. I do like the wooden running boards, they add a nice touch and a little class.
  10. Yeah, it's not legal here in NE either, and the license thing applies here. I just ride it through parades and sometime from my house to our shop. The next one I'm building will be legal to ride (at least when I get a license).
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    I totally agree. Unsafe at any speed. JMO, do NOT ride in parades until you install an adjustable carb. It should be fairly easy to do so.

    Place an ad in this forum and at

    Ask someone to GIVE you a carb that'd work on your engine. This is in the name of humanity, so you don't hurt anyone else.

    How are your brakes? If I were your father, I'd be monitoring/supervising this project.:detective:
  12. My dad IS supervising the project. In fact, he's the one who helped me build it. I do just fine without an adjustable carb, I can work the tightener alright. For a brake, I have a front caliper that works great!
  13. I don't mean to sound like a little wet-behind-the-ears kid, but my dad says that it's fine for parades and stuff. The next one I'm building has a newer engine (still over 60 years) with a throttle and adjustments, so I'll be able to ride on the road...