My kid's 13th Birthday

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    Hi all. My son will be turning 13 on the 28th of this month. He's been
    in my ear forever to build him a bike. I finally caved and have gotten
    a good chunk of it done. Obviously it still needs an engine but for the most
    part, I'm pleased with my progress.
    Going to make this thing top out at around 20 mph. He's already been
    told that owning this thing and maintaining it will require a blood oath
    that he will never so much as straddle it without strapping on a helmet
    first. Since the bike is staying at my house and riding will only take place
    with dad in tow on his bike, it shouldn't be that hard to ensure.

    I NEED an engine! Thought about (still thinking) just breaking down and
    either going through Grubee or BGF but it's been my experience that a new
    engine doesn't necessarily ensure a "good" engine. I've orderd stuff NEW
    with regards to these bikes that just don't work when you get them. Yeah,
    I always get either a replacement or money back but I just don't really have
    the turnaround at this point to deal with the hassle.

    So....if anyone has a kit that's broke-in (pistons, head, CDI, etc. all still
    in working order) that they aren't going to use and that they'd like to make
    a little cash off of - let me know! I'll be looking to purchase it next weekend to the tune of about $150. Again, just looking for something that's been "tested" and has the assurance of another builder having used it.
    This is probably a "wrong forum" post, so I aplogize in adavance.


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