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  1. Pablo

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    So check this out.

    I have a $20 k-knockoff SHA carb, Xing Ding's been sitting on the shelf for awhile...this carb is essentially identical to this one:

    SHA : Dellorto Carburetors, And parts for you.

    I needed to get some parts (air cleaner side) to make it work. So I ordered the stuff from Delorto, and some 5mm jets in .60/.65/.75/.80 mm orifice size. All the stuff finally arrived.

    I hooked up the carb this am, with the stock jet (no concept of size). Bike started right up. Idled great, but is running REALLY rich. So I remove the stock jet and guess what? None of the jets I ordered will work! This SHA knock off takes 6mm jets (AFAIK). Cornfusing.

    Search Results : Dellorto Carburetors, And parts for you.

    The good news is the 5mm jets fit the stock Chengine carb (.70 orifice). So I take the Xing Ding carb off, put a stock carb back on with a .65mm jet. With needle e-clip one down from the top. Runs pretty well, especially at higher rpm. Kinda flat at low rpm.

    Need to move clip to top and try again....

  2. Pablo

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    OK - so anyone got a clue what these carbs come with stock jet size????
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    I am struggling with the same issue.

    I found a sewing needle that fit the stock jet and it measured .75mm

    My 12mm SHA copy is running not to bad at .6mm.

    You need PHVB jets as shown on my supplier's link

    Or you could try this:-

    I rest my jets on a 60w iron, fill with solder then pick it off while still hot with a sewing needle that measures the size you want..

    I then rotate it off and clean it up.
  4. Pablo

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    Thanks for confirming. I guess I should have done my research first :grin:

    I may try your technique or fill and drill or order a .57 - .60 -.65

    I was pretty amazed how rich it was with the stock .70 - I can confirm this size on Monday.
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  5. Pablo

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    Whelp I finally got a few minutes to measure the jet. My knockoff SHA carburetor = Dude .90mm!!! HUGE.
  6. What size carb? For a 18mm or 19mm carb that seems right. My 18mm Mikuni came stock with a 90. I am running a 85 now........
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    what jet size to run for 16mm SHA carby

    i have the dellorto 16.16 SHA carby, i think its running heaps rich, it blows smoke n wont rev out properly, what size jet should i run for on the coast in australia any ideas? i think it has the 82# jet in it at the moment, thought i should find out what range i should buy before spending 4$ each on a heap of jets. i have the 66cc grubee skyhawk engine. any help would be much appreciated.
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    What exactly were you looking at when you found this 3 year-old thread?
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    I was answering his question about size of jet to use for his 16mm carb. Its not important that its an old thread because old threads are reference material for new/old questions.