My Kulana Moon Dog

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    Here's my first build. I've been commuting on it for a while now. rides super smooth. can go no handed easily. tops out at 44mph, but I never see that. I usually don't go beyond 30. I'm a little light on brakes (no rear)

    The next upgrade is a set of hydraulic four piston shimano 'saint' downhill specific calipers. I already have the lines and calipers just need to find a set of shimano slx brake levers to complete the package.

    Gas Mileage is around 160mpg.

    Front fork is two different years put together so I could manage a 1" size steerer tube, 55mm of travel (measured), with a disc brake.

    front hub is a shimano generator, light is a matching shimano light.

    rims are sun single tracks. Dt/swiss spokes are custom laced by me!

    The exhaust is a pocketbike muffler and silencer with a ht aftermarket ebay front section with the rear pea shooter muffler lopped off.

    Weight's a relatively light 69 lbs.

    And I guess that's about it. For me, it's a whole new category of getting around. I consider (and end up) taking it whenever I have an errand to run. I've driven it in some nasty weather and after doing so, I feel like It's not that big of a deal to use it everyday for almost everything.

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    yeah, the fenders were actually just put on because of the last snow storm we received. They are original to the bike. which makes them 3 years old. I used them for the first summer and then took them off due to multiple warnings from this website. I recently put them back on and they really help when riding in bad weather. To compensate for the added risk, I just go really slow. I only work 2.5 miles from where I live, and there's a pedway most of the way. so I just slow down and take it easy. I gotta have fenders though. without them, the front wheel just throws water into the wind and back into my face.
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    You'll be ok with the fenders if you check them. Could the ' hoops ' [ metal strap holding fender to frame tubing ] be replaced with stronger ones, with vibration dampening ?

    The concept of fender loss is scary, I'd seriously consider more minimal fenders.

    In my motorcycle days, I had a tiny fiberglass Cafe Fender, which was probably
    at least 80 percent effective, at keeping tire spray off your face.
    My rear fender was mostly the seat, with a hoop of aluminum flashing deflecting water.
  5. I have the same exact bike(color and everything)....You did a great job on it....Now let me tell you my story of what happened to me with the factory green fenders....

    I had the bike for about a year or less and I was cruising down the road doing about 25 mph and all of a sudden the engine locked up and I started sliding down the road like my back tire was on skies....I had to put my feet down becouse I was sliding all over the road whiping from side to side....When I finally came to a stop,I got off the bike thinking that my motor had seized and it caused the back tire to lock up....At closer inspection I noticed the rear fender had came loose and rolled up under the back tire and stalled the motor(from sliding down the road it had eaten all the way through the center of the back fender....

    I had my tools with me in my pouch and took the back fender the rest of the way off and through it in the ditch and fired the bike up and drove home....I was so happy that my motor wasent locked up,(not even thinking about the danger that I had been in....The next day I went to my local bike shop and ordered a pair of double hanger chrome balloon fender.....They are super solid and not flimsy like the ones that come on the moondog.....They cost me 35 bucks or so and I have had them on the bike for over 4 years now and they are great....

    If it would have been my front fender that came loose I would have ended up doing a face plant on the concrete(I am so lucky).....
    So even if you drive slow and that front fender comes loose your going to be hurting big time....

    I have to say the kuluna moondog is a solid bike and I have not had any other issues with the frame cracking or anything else....
    I changed the rims out to heavyduty 12 gauge and thats about it....
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    That's a really good looking bike. I'd feel very confident riding that. Though I'd need a higher seat.

    I had my rear fender come off once and did the fish-tail thing, too. I managed to save the fender. Still using it, for that matter. It's a bit banged up, of course, but it's doing the job.

    You're right in that fenders are a must if one wants to ride in weather of any sort. So you've got to reinforce them.

    Whenever people say to me, "Maybe I'll start riding a bit...." and I say, "The first thing you want is fenders.", they almost always look at me like a came from Mars. Then I think, "He/She's not gonna ride......."

    I get a chuckle from it, but it's also sad. It happens way too often.
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    Very nice clean build, does it have rear brakes? i cant see them.
    Just a few words on the fender thing-
    Never use stock fender mounting hardware, I like to make mine from stainless steel flat stock and good grade 8 or better hardware with nylock nuts. to this day I've never had one come loose.
    Enjoy the ride man... you've earned it!
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    Thanks for the compliments. This bike came out better than I thought it ever could.
    The rear brake doesn't exist in this photo. I have all the parts now but
    after commuting all winter with the bike, It's needing a few things. the
    front freewheel is starting to get dangerous because it's locking up at times,

    I tried tire liners (the lime green ones!) but somehow, they shredded down the middle and then cut into the tubes. I don't want to try slime because it causes a balance issue. I am however, constantly getting flat tires. The Super Slicks (off of my Dyno Cruiser, are holding up very well aside from the fact that they don't have much puncture resistance. I've run white walls in the past. they just split after a month or two. square form too very dangerous on corners.
    I'd like to look into sending the motor off to somebody to have the crank balanced, It's a great motor, It has allowed me to learn about carb tuning while
    taking abuse from lack of knowledge. must have been built on a Wednesday.
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    There a bit expensive, but Specialized Armadillo Kevlar "Hemisphere" or "Nimbus" tires are the way to go, yes they cost more but will eliminate most flats.
    I've had great luck with them.
    Great looking build.
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    Nice looking Build!