My Kulana Whizzer

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  1. artik

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    Hey guys, just finished all this today. I've added turn signals, speedometer, mirrors, headlight, and the brake lights work as well. First(1) photo showes my view, second(2) showes the whole bike, third(3) showes the whole rear.Tell me what you think, any advice on what to add next is welcomed.

    Thanks in advanced for advice,

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  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member's a good looking bike. And turn signals, to boot. That's on my to-do list.

    Your brake lever looks like it's in an awkward spot. Have you tried shifting things around?
    Maybe: throttle, brake lever, shift mechanism?

    I'll tell you what I did about shifting; changed to the old ten-speed style, stem mounted shifters. Reduces handlebar clutter and can shift with either hand.

    Double mirrors are a very good idea also, by the way. Good job on that.
  3. cpuaid

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    looking good! i used to have the clutch lever and the left brake lever as well but replaced it with a dual pull front/rear brake lever on the right handlebar. less clutter on the handle bar is a good thing.
  4. artik

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    I agree with the dual pull, I want to get it. I think I'm gonna tack it on with my friend when he decides to buy some stuff off spookytooth or eBay or something (less shipping charge =]). I was wondering if anyone has taken appart this turn signal thing as well. I have been thinking of busting out the old soldering iron and making it easier to flip the turn signals and I was thinking of making the kill switch button the trigger for the turn signal horn. If anyone knows of a guide or tutorial on this, a link would be awesome!

    Thanks guys,