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  1. m3456y

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    I'm new on the forum, and thought I'd share the last three bikes I've built. I also just fabricated and added the Al Fisherman clutch rollers...really a nice mod. I've included a picture of my favorite mod - a remote choke, which I add to all my bikes after I just about hit a mailbox while trying to adjust the choke on one of my bikes. I own a 1999 Whizzer and have given all my bikes a "retro" look patterned after the vintage Whizzer motorbikes.

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  2. Barry

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    Very classy! A question: Where did you buy that tripod stand? I bought one three or four builds ago and can't find where I bought it.
  3. m3456y

    m3456y New Member

    There are couple sellers I've bought from on ebay. I usually buy a several at a time - that's the first thing I do on the bike because it's then easy to work on. Price is in the $18.00 range. Here's one link:
  4. m3456y

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    I usually get them on ebay. They are around $18 and it's the first thing I do on the bike, it makes it very easy to work on.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Very nice looking bikes.
  6. typtohe

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    where do you get that clutch tension bracket? Looks better than the stock one that came with my kit.
  7. m3456y

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    Built it based on a post I saw on this forum
  8. typtohe

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    they came out AMAZING.