My latest binage bike project



Got bored a couple days ago and decided to drag one of my bike projects out and put it together. It's a 1939 Elgin. Tomorrow i'll install the rear fender braces front fork, fender and Wheel.I'm waiting for a couple peices I won on E-bay.Should be riding it by this weekend.


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Sweet. Now that's a bike, great whitewalls.

Hope your gonna add some pics when you get her done.
Please, please tell us that you are going to motorize it.

That'll be a thing of beauty.

Now that I think about it, though, it'll be beautiful whether motored or not.
Few more pictures

I'm going to leave this one pedal powered. I've got a couple other Vintage bikes and will probably motorize one of them.


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The Elgin is staying pedal powered. I've got a 1938 Shelby Frame that i'm going to build a board tracker out of. It was bent and had a few dents in the tubes I had to fix.The tank in the picture is going on my 38 shelby Flying cloud I'm restoring.I'm taking two 38 Shelby flying clouds and making one good one. The first bike looked like it was in a acedent. The frame and fork where bent but it had all the hard to find parts.The second one had a good frame and fork but the rest of the bike was made up of 60's schwinn parts.


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Got a few more parts cleaned up on the Elgin today.Tomorrow I'll have the rear fender braces mounted and the crank assembled mounted in the frame.I might do some more polishing on the Badge.


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Looks Good !

It looks like a great winter project Justin, I'll be following your progress.
Take Care - Jim