My latest delta trike project

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    My wife had to quite driving do to a medical problem so I built her a new trike. This one is my version of a Trailmate or Freedex clone.

    Main frame made from 2" .o66 wall muffler tubing and bed frame angle iron. Frame doesn't flex at all even with my 200lbs on it.
    28" wide - will fit through a standard doorway.

    Pedal side right rear wheel with 6 speed rear derailleur...mid range easy to pedal gearing.
    Stick shift for changing gears on right main frame tube in front of rider seat.

    Motor drive left rear wheel 24v 500 w 2600 rpm Currie motor geared for 15 mph max motor assist speed Not 'tippy' around corners at that speed. The center of gravity is low enough that it handles more like a gokart than a trike.

    (2) 33amp 12v lead acid scooter type batteries.
    Total weight 115 lbs with 55lbs of that being the batteries. I can't afford the lithium types. Oh well....

    Steering tiller normal bike brake grip controls for front wheel and right side rear wheel modified band type brakes
    Front brake grip also shuts off motor when operated.

    Left side rear modified band type parking brake. control handle mounted left of seat on frame.
    5/8" rear left and right axles

    Camo scheme padded adjustable outside boat type seat adjustable for people from 5' to 6' 4"

    Metalflake green paint. She didn't want the camo paint scheme I planned for that would have matched the seat!

    Lighting 10w 24v front scooter light 4 led type tail lights.

    Dual mirrors

    Trailer hitch on rear. I have 4 different bike trailers it can haul if needed including one with an engine and a 24v alt on it that can be hooked up to run as a hybrid setup if needed for extra long range.

    Handle bars adjust up or down as needed. Can be released and flipped forward as a handle to pull the trike like a wagon also. The trikes I copied had the capability so I went ahead and added it on here too. (Would be handy if I needed to tow it for some reason with my trike. - like a built in tow bar!)

    12" front aluminum wheel with no flat foam rubber tube inserts (anyone know where I can get a 12" plastic rim with a freewheel thread on it?)
    20" plastic rear wheels with no flat foam rubber tube inserts. I like the plastic rims. They ignore abuse that will 'dish' a regular spoke type wheel instantly.

    I'll never go back to air tubes... I like the piece of mind these no-flat foam rubber tubes give more than the slightly better ride of the air tubes. These wheels are thorn, nail and broken glass proof now and I prefer it that way since I have a bad leg and walking is difficult on a good day. Having to push a trike home which I have already had to do once last summer is the reason I use these tubes now in all my stuff. Also she has no idea on how to change or fix a tube.

    The red handle you see under the seat is the main power switch and the small toggle switch above it turns the lights on and off. I put the main power switch there so it's convenient if a runaway controller problem happened.

    Can be pedaled or motor drive or both at same time.

    Right side

    Left side

    Front view

    Rear View

    Bottom view for the mechanically minded

    My original plans copied from a cad file plan.jpg

    Modifications done to scooter band brakes shells so they would work with axles

    And for you guys that are wondering the basket will hold almost 2 cases of beer!
    Lee B

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    Always the are !! :bowdown:
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    I normally can't afford to buy them so I have to build them!

    I've got about $1100 in this one total and the Freedex version would have cost me almost $2000 with shipping for roughly the same thing. Their version does have a lithium battery though, that's a lot of the price difference I think.

    BUT, Mine has a 500w versus 250w motor, brakes on all three wheels instead of just the front wheel and 6 speeds versus 3. Works for me.
    It will still have a pretty good range with the 33 amp batteries.

    I won't build another one of these though, far too many small parts to make and deal with. From now on I'm going back to tadpole style.