My latest Schwinn Cruiser w/ rear mounted engine and trailer





cheers all and exc. jobs Bill Snow and Jeffspeeder. Both very nice
Exc. idea with the intake and the pvc
I was reading a thread in a different forum a few days ago where we were discussing the viability of an artificial supercharging system.
It would basically consist of a small campstove propane cylinder or something similar filled with compressed air.running an airline through a regulator to a neumatic push button switch on the handle bars and then on to the carb.
A couple of us are playing with the idea a bit but I haven't heard of anyone having a fully functionable system setup as yet. Could be interesting. I've also been looking for a chrome airhorn or something similar to use as an intake and to point it forward as you've done but thats all i've done is looked around a bit and thought about it.
My thinking is that by using a funnel, the air would slightly compress by the time it reached the carb and cilinder and with the right fuel mixture, might give a little more hp.
This might be a rediculous idea and if anyone knows why it wouldn't work, please dont hesitate to educate.

That a wild one! I like the use of the old Honda Express gas tank.
Very cool.
I pull a cheap store bought trailer. Yours looks way better! Tell me how you have your trailer hitched to your bike. (if you don't mind :) )
I am facinated by your drivetrain design. Could you tell us a little about your engine.....How the bike handles pulling a load...and anything else you'd like to share. thanks
Talk about being creative, These are the projects that are interesting to see. I think you must enjoy doing them and many of us like seeing what you have done.

Thank you for sharing your one of a kind bike and trailer.

Best Regards

Bill Snow

Lynchburg, virginia
Too cool

Wow, that thing looks like it should be flying. The way you have the exhaust and the intake set up, it looks like a rocket.
Dockspa1 :D
lol ; jeff that's what keeps it interesting as its not something you see everyday. .
What I would like to do next is post a vid on my bikes in action'
and is there a way we can post vids of our rides???

good eye the tank is indeed of an old honda but not sure what model

Srdavo the trailer pulls exc. Ive hauled over 250lbs and maintained a cruising speed over 30 mph although she's slow to get going and any hills with a load like that will kill a man!!!!lol but i think if i guy kept the load down to 100 lbs or so ,she'd pullthe majority of inclines for awhile before getting hot or lugging .
To attach , I have a steel plate on the back of my engine rack with a large eyebolt and another eyebolt on the trailer hitch. I use a quick coupler(it looks like a chain link but on one side, has a sleeve kind of that threads up and down to open and close the link) u can find in any hardware store in the fasteners section or where they sell the chain and rope. i found this gives very little play or slop but allows enough for when your leaning in turns etc. the worst problems i had was flipping her over when hitting potholes ,manhole covers etc. but only when she's empty and i'm cruising 35,40 mph so i'm forced to slow down a bit for the rough spots. not sure if you noticed the duallies??lol They really helped alot for stabilility. they are great for the pavement but i pulled it a few times in the snow and they really slowed me down as compared to when i went to just 2 tires as they had to plow thier way through the fresh snow so ixna on duallies for any soft surface but exc. on pavement. and if you noticed the spare, its not incase i get a flat on the trailer, its in case i cook the wheel bearings. lol
yes haggard but the cool thing is since i got the bolt on kit it gets alot!!! of attention cause im like the only one in my part of town who has a kit.
please dont take me out of context jeff . i am humbled by your workmanship and that of some of the others. much nicer than i could do

I honestly had no intention of demeaning or belittleing a bike with a kit. sorry if it came across that way.
reading it back tomyself, i might of been making an excuse for not going the extra mile in the finishing and detail as yourself and others .
I'm proud of my work and at the same time,(cant think of the right word )in awe of the bikes you guys have created
I am fully aware that the only thing nice about mine is the fact that they are different and unique but they are getting nicer with each build : )


ps. I edited so as to not unintentionally offend anyone else
Thanks for the info on your trailer. No, I didn't notice the duals. :)
I don't think your un-edited post would have offended anyone. I can relate to what you said about, being of the age to only have to impress yourself. 8)
keep up the good work.

just a thought...when pulling 250 lbs. up a hill, that same 250 lbs. will be pushing you going downhill. Have you given any thought to trailer brakes?