My latest Schwinn Cruiser w/ rear mounted engine and trailer





cheers all and exc. jobs Bill Snow and Jeffspeeder. Both very nice
Exc. idea with the intake and the pvc
I was reading a thread in a different forum a few days ago where we were discussing the viability of an artificial supercharging system.
It would basically consist of a small campstove propane cylinder or something similar filled with compressed air.running an airline through a regulator to a neumatic push button switch on the handle bars and then on to the carb.
A couple of us are playing with the idea a bit but I haven't heard of anyone having a fully functionable system setup as yet. Could be interesting. I've also been looking for a chrome airhorn or something similar to use as an intake and to point it forward as you've done but thats all i've done is looked around a bit and thought about it.
My thinking is that by using a funnel, the air would slightly compress by the time it reached the carb and cilinder and with the right fuel mixture, might give a little more hp.
This might be a rediculous idea and if anyone knows why it wouldn't work, please dont hesitate to educate.

yes srdavo i've contimplated trailer brakes but to be honest, I'll never pull a load that heavy again, as i said, the hills will killl a man lol .but i had no problem braking or keeping the trailer behind me at all but i'm also sharp enough to slow down before decending a hill and keeping the speed in check using engine compression aswell as bike brakes.

cheers ~Haggard~
I have thought about making a motorized trailer to prorpel a nonmotorized bike via a rigid hitch. I met a guy who lives in Oregon who bought an electricpowered VW golf. He then took the front clip and drivetrain from an identical diesel golf with an autotransmission and made it into a trailer. The engine and transmission were controlled with servos via an umbilical cord from the electric car. The diesel could be started and stopped, and the trasmission shifted remotely from the car.The diesel trailer could extend the range independly or in conjunction with the electric car.
I;ve seen such a thing. The fella used what looked to be an old garden tractor frame and rear axle with a small b&s side shaft engine. It was a single axle trailer with engine mounted pretty much directly over the axle with the cargo area forward of engine, A long arched steel tube connected the trailer behind the seat post. I highly doubt he got more than 10 or maybe 15 mph with the setup and although he said it worked real well, I really dont think it was very functionable or stable. I'm sure a person could make a much better designed rig than this monstousity but hey,you got to admire the initiative and it did indeed propel him and his loads of scrap metal around so hats off to him.
good luck and let me know if you go ahead with this project as I am always ready to try new ideas.
I really am intrigued with one of the forum members sidecars. (sorry i can't recall the name) and am playing with the idea of building one myself and mounting an engine on the sidecar itself to drive the rear bike wheel. i have a few decent engines around that are to large to mount in the bike frame and to heavy for a rear mount as on my other bikes but would be a snap to mount on a side car and still have plenty of room for cargo or a passenger seat above motor compartment.
im thinking something along the lines of a 250cc or 5 hp 4stroke!!! : ) with a couple of gears.
When the wife inquired as to what the heckk iwas building now and I explained it was a side car for her so i could take her fishing ,I swear she nearly lost
I had a bad fall on my bike a week before christmas and ended up with 7 fractures and casts on both arms and she's terrified of these bikes and there is no way in hell she;'ll ever get on one which is why she came unglued when i started explaining our upcoming fishing adventures.
heh heh

Haggard said:
please dont take me out of context jeff . i am humbled by your workmanship and that of some of the others. much nicer than i could do

I honestly had no intention of demeaning or belittleing a bike with a kit. sorry if it came across that way.
reading it back tomyself, i might of been making an excuse for not going the extra mile in the finishing and detail as yourself and others .
I'm proud of my work and at the same time,(cant think of the right word )in awe of the bikes you guys have created
I am fully aware that the only thing nice about mine is the fact that they are different and unique but they are getting nicer with each build : )


ps. I edited so as to not unintentionally offend anyone else

hey i love the bike you got it makes it look like a rocket bike and i like mine because it gets me to work everyday and im shure you can do very good work on a bike i could bet u do better then me the meaning of these bikes is to have fun and ride and thats what we all here do and im shure we all love it. :D
picked up another bike this morning . a dyno glide cruiser. its in failry good shape and got it for $50.00



It was only about 15 miles to the fellas place so took the schwinn and trailer to pick it up. what a beautiful sunny morning it is.

While there i stumbled across this old relic of a bike in just horrible shape. the rims are rusted right through but the frame seems to be solid yet. started talking with the fella I bought the dyno from,an older gent in his seventies and this was the only other bike he had. said he was quite sure it was from the 30's but couldn't remember the excact year and after we hunkered down and swapped a few lies , he up and gave me this antique under the condition i show him the bike after i do a restoration and maybe let him take it for a short ride .lol
Too cool huh?? :)