My Leftover parts for sale, all brand new, priced to move.

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    Hello All,

    Long time no see,

    My name is Jordon, I was a Grubee dealer out of BC Canada, and still have a few items remaining from my selling days. please see the list below.

    I sold via and Ebay under the ID 'skyhawkcanadacom' so please check out my 100% positive feedback.

    My Paypal is closed now, so I am selling most of these on Ebay under the ID 'catk1982' but let me know if anything appeals to you and Ill give you a package deal!

    2 Litre Chrome Gas Tanks $10
    2 Litre Black Gast Tanks $5
    2 Litre Black Underbar tanks $10
    50' Throttle Cables $2.50
    43' Throttle Cables $2.50
    Black/Chrome Throttle Handles w/cable $10
    Clutch Cables $3
    Clutch Handles $5
    HD Chains $10
    HD Drive Sprockets $3
    Std Drive Dprockets $3
    Pull Starts $10
    CDIs $7.50
    Air Filters $3
    Rotors $3
    Gas Caps $2
    Clutch Pullers $2
    Frame Clamps (Steel or Aluminum) $1
    Spark Plug Wrenchs $1

    Id be happy to sell these in bulk or lots, if somebody else wants to try to make a profit on EBay, shoot me an offer!

    Thanks for your time, Jordon

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    Your prices are decent, that's for sure.
    This stuff should get scarfed up pretty quickly.....
    One thing I would like to know is the shipping rates for each item.
    Sometimes I see stuff that looks inexpensive and the shipping costs look inflated.
    Are the prices in American dollars?
    Sorry to see that you've gotten out of the bike biz...

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    Hey TIM,
    I hear ya, shipping is often misrepresented, unfortunately its that type of thing that made it too tricky to make an 'honest' living on Ebay (not to mention prohibitively high insertion fees.. )

    Ya, Im a lil choked up to be out of it, I kept a lil cache of motors for myself for my midlife crisis.. hehe

    anyhoo, I do charge Real accurate shipping, but I AM in Canada, so itll be a lil more expensive than buying from within the states. I ship out as gifts usually to avoid customs fees, so no worries there.

    Yah, decent pricing is what im going for, I need to clear all of this stuff out by the summer, or im not gettin any new toys!

    Id be happy to give you a quote to any particular zipcode, at any given weight and dimension, its too tough to make a graph detailing what itd be to all different regions tho.

    Stuff IS selling pretty quick, I estimate ill be done in a month or so, so buy soon!!

    Have a good one
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    My Prices are USD, buuuut, Canada's dollar is currently a bit stronger ;), so its better for my American friends if I list in your dollars. Theyre actually almost on par, so it'd be about the same either way!