My lohmann engine; a tale of woe

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My lohmann nolonger runs. It was in perfect running condition on a beautiful old bicycle. I have good memories of riding with it running . I put this combo together in 1982. It was very low powered, wouldn't push me up a hill without help. I really liked it being sort of a diesel. I stored it in a friend's barn. While I was on a year long trip, the barn burned down and melted alloy parts off the motor and ruined the antique bicycle it was mounted on. I kept the remains hoping to someday find replacement parts. No luck sofar. I had an ownersmanual as well, it totally burned up in the fire. The bicycle was british racing green, with a Hong Kong Bicycle co. decal, a front hub generator, rod brakes, and a 3speed rear hub with a coaster brake, 28X1 1/2 inch wheels, comfy leather saddle and a locking front fork. I bought this bicycle from a man who at one time had been the British Consulate to Hong Kong. He only rode the bike 3 times because he said that Hong Kong was too hilly. It was really very heavy for the little Lohmann to push.




Well, there is always a new engine, truly, the scarcity myth need not apply, technology is on the march, rampant.

Wow man thats rough, I really hope you can get your hands on some parts and restore it to its former condition. Didn't those motors run on all sorts of different fuels?
No kidding, wouldn,t that be a major coup to manu8facture a biodiesel cycle?

more Lohmann info

Here are two patent drawings of this engine:


This is an 18cc compression ignition engine. the controlls consist of two twistgrips. one controlled the fuel and the other controlled the variable compression ratio via a movable cylinder head. Lohmann claimed up to 300mpg for this motor. Maybe that was possible if you only went downhill. This is a 2cycle engine and was designed to run off of a light distillate mixed with a measured amount of lube oil. There was a nifty measure for the lube oil built into the fuel tank cap. I usually used kerosene in mine but stoveoil or diesel #1 worked too. #2 diesel seemed a little too viscous. The engine made a buzzing sound when running and left a little trail of smoke behind it. I don't have any surviving pre fire pictures of my bike and engine but here are a few of a bike that is in a museum in Europe.


This last picture show the twist grip that contolled the compression. It had two cables that went down to the engine.
If my lohmann were in running codition I would have tried it on biodiesel by now. I have been using various mixes of biodiesel in 4 different turbodiesel Mercedes and one Ford diesel truck as well as a diesel generator for the last five years.
lol 18 cc diesel??? that's smallest diesel engine i have ever seen.
that engine is so small, yet enough to pull bicycle which is amazing.
It is a diesel in the sense that it is a compression ignition engine( no spark plug), but it doesn't have an injection pump or fuel injector like a conventional diesel engine.
try looking on ebay france for engines as i brough a couple of lohmanns at less than 50 euros each from there last year not complete ones though.i just brought an itom motor only item no260075717133 which was a lot better price than the one i was looking at in the uk 150083851575.although the uk one was more complete it was not worth it.
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