My Maintenance Schedule For Oscar:

Hal the Elder

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7:21 PM
Oct 20, 2008

On November 1, I brought Oscar home in my hatchback with 0.7 miles on the odometer.

I changed his oil at 30 miles, just to see what was involved.

It was then easiest oil change I ever easy that I laughed while I was doing it!

Back in 1967, 41 years ago, I had a 500cc Triumph Tiger. It required THREE different places to change the oil, with THREE different viscosities!

1: Crankcase

2: Primary Chain Case

3: Transmission

I hated doing maintenance on that bike!

My maintenance schedule for Oscar is to change oil every 100 miles.

I presently have 80 miles on him, going for the 100-mile factory break-in recommendation. I won't continue until after I install the Hi-Flow muffler insert that I ordered from MortorBike Mike a few days ago.

That will give me 20 miles to get used to the new sound that Oscar will make!

Then, at 100 miles, I'll drain the oil, and before refilling, I'll pull off the side plate and advance the camshaft gear one tooth.

Then I'll pour in 8 ounces of a DARK COLORED 40-weight oil, because I can't see that Castrol on my dipstick, because it's TRANSPARENT, like water!

At my 200 mile oil change, I expect to have a pair of Quenton's Mushroom Valve Lifters to install!

That's it...
Stroker Hal
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