My mission trip to Haiti

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    I know I rarely post on here, but I've noticed that this forum has some of the nicest folks around, so I figured I'd give this a shot :p

    I'm a high school senior in the central Indiana area who went to Haiti to help rebuild last year with my football team.

    I'm going back this year and I'm trying to raise the money to cover my flight.

    I've been doing odd jobs for free-will donations in my area, and I realize that the likelihood of anyone being close enough for me to do that is slim to none. If you guys would like to donate, I can give you a some information on the mission (so you know I'm not some loser trying to get free money), and give you my paypal information.

    Also, if you have any ideas on how I could do work for donations that aren't close to me, let me know! I'm open to any ideas.

    Thanks for listening :)