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    hello everyone I just recently got into the whole bicycle scene. I have done hours of research on what I want to do to accomplish my goals. My bike started its life as a Mongoose CB24V450 electric bike I got it from an individual whom had somewhat neglected it by leaving in a basement for several months. After putting several miles on it I decided that I need something with a little more power for climbing a few hills. So far I have the bike stripped down ready for sanding and new paint. On the way is an 80cc motor as the new power plant. I love gasoline engines because there is a variety of stuff you can do to them to make them faster and meet your needs. My build plans for the mongoose.

    Sand and paint
    80cc motor kit(On way)
    New front brakes(already installed)
    New pedals
    Boost bottle
    Port match the intake and exhaust before installing motor
    Remove baffle in exhaust
    Install velocity stack and performance filter from Go-ped
    New Headlight(Mine sucks)
    Mirror Kit

    Here are my plans for it and here are a few pics of it . When i first got it and stripping it down, I should have it sanded and painted by the weekend.
    Please excuse the mess lol I live in an apartment and I stripped it down in my bedroom . If anyone has any advice about my future mods please feel free to voice . Thanks to all


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    image shack pop-ups suk :(
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    My bad I will see how I can fix
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    Bike is painted
    80cc kit is ready to go
    ONLY thing left is to increase the length of the chain by 3"
    Since it was electrical to begin with the space where the battery pack was is causing my chain to be too short
    I will post new pics tonight of my build
    Should be running this weekend.
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