my motor mount snapped!



This sucks so bad, and my muffler fell off at the same time. Any ways to fix a broken motor mount? I really want to keep my bike
I dont know how one minute i was going and the next the bolt was broke all the way down with just a bit exposed.
here are my options, I can either try to get a new one because it has been less than 30 days, I could get my uncle to weld it to the frame, or I could get a machine shop to get the screw out. Im thinking I want him to weld it to the frame.
If your talking about welding the engine to the frame it won't work because the engine is cast aluminum and the frame is steal. If you can't get ahold of the stud to remove it you can drill a hole in it and use an easy - out to extract it. If a little bit is sticking out try a small pair of plyers or small vice grips and see if you can turn it out. Do not dispair because if it can brake it can be fixed.Get the guy who sold you the engine to send you another stud if you can't find one at the hardware store. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Tom in WV
I'm gonna try a vice grip, If not I'll try the easy out. Thanks for the help
A dremel cutting disc can be used on the stud to create a standard screwdriver slot if it is not too far recessed. Try replacing the stud with an allen head bolt, made of much harder stuff.
I cant get the bolt out, but I called a small engine repair company and left a message and I think they will be able to fix it. This time im gonna get alot more sturdy bolts.
On one my bikes, after breaking off the easy out, I drilled a new hole through the motormount plate and into the engine just off to the side of the standard hole, then tapped in new threads. Just dont go too deep.