My motor trike project

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    QUIKLYONIT New Member

    Just wanted to post up what It is hopefully soon going to be 4 sroke briggs powered trike.

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  2. professor

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    Remember to put some decent brakes on it too.

    QUIKLYONIT New Member

    Cuz I've been in the lab with a pen and the pad..

    just trying to get this Dang tricycle off!!

    So about me 32. And a Bank contractor also Hemet ca. is where Im from. I like long walks on the beach and thick women..

    closer to my vision.

    I am doing this on a budget of $0 and just tradin away on craigslist and neighbors for parts I may need. Everyone has co-operated and participated in great amounts!! LOL

    NOTE; I removed governor correctly and rebuilt carb but I just cant get my speed up.

    Photos attached..

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    QUIKLYONIT New Member

    Oh yeah I forgot to put some of these on too! LOL
  5. deagerd

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    To me it looks like the gearing is way to high,thats why it won't crank out. Smaller on the motor or bigger on the axle. just my opinion
  6. MikeJ

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    Deagerd is right. I recommend you shoot for a gear ratio of around 14:1 (14 engine revolutions for one wheel revolution) for this to be practical. Look into making use of a jackshaft arrangement. That is the favorite answer to a problem like yours.
  7. yimmie

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    i run a comet torque converter on mine
  8. landuse

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    Deagerd is right. It looks like you have a 1:1 arrangement there. To practically get a 14:1 ratio, you are going to need a jackshaft. Without one, if you have a 10T clutch, you will need a 140T axle sprocket. This is just not going to happen. There are several combinations that you could use on your JS, but I always recomment that you use the sprockets that you already have and work around them if possible.