My motor wont start for more than 5secs and it will onleystart if i mess with choke



I have a 70cc kings motorized bike kit

My motor screwed up today wile i was riding it on a 2 mile ride. In the middle of the ride my motor just stopped out of no where and wouldn't start back up for more than 5secs and i onley could get it to if i messed with the choke lever . I can get it to start and run as long as i want if i pull the clutch lever wile its running and rev the engine with the throttle but as soon as i stop reving the engine it turns off. Ive made sure there nothing wrong with the clutch spark plug gas tank gasline carbscrew pipe airfilter throttle chain tires kill switch i aculey took the kill switch off btw just in case Engine still dosnt start correctly no matter how hard i try.

Do you think buying a new carb will fix this problem?.
I thoght I posted a reply to this but I guess it got lost. Do a search on air and intake leaks. You may have to dig a around the garage section for a while. There's a lot of great stuff to read, you'll need the info sometime in the future. But that's my first guess since it starts with messing with the choke.
Tighten all nuts and bolts on head, intake and exhaust. Some use O rings or hose washers between intake and carb. Check gaskets too.

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You may need to Drill.....

Check your Gas cap. If there is no little hole drilled in the side of it next to the gasket, then you have created a vacuum in your tank . And you will have to drill a little hole . Enjoy the ride...
If you have to choke it....

If you have to choke it to keep it running, then you are fuel starved. This means you have an obstruction in the carb, or a serious air leak somewhere . Clean out your carb and check all gaskets.. Enjoy the ride..
air leak in the intake?. Where is the intake and if theres a lek in it how do i fix it?.
Would buying a new carb and a High Performance Intake Manifold from thatsdax fix my problem?.
search intake leaks
try to do a little for yourself instead of just asking
(especially try to look/ask in the right place)
air leak in the intake?. Where is the intake and if theres a lek in it how do i fix it?.

The intake is the pipe between the carb and the engine. It might just be loose. Check the studs and nuts that attach the intake to the engine and the clamp that secures the carb to the intake.

You may just have junk in the carb. Remove the carb, disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. Use compressed air to clean out the passages. Get a can of Dust Off from Radio Shack if you don't have access to an air compressor.

Are you running a fuel filter? If not, go to Ace hardware and get a lawnmower fuel filter and install it in the fuel line between the fuel petcock and the carb. That will cost you about 4 bucks and will likely save you lots of headaches in the future. You might also remove the fuel petcock and clean the screen. It's not unusual for these Chinese fuel tanks to have some junk in them from the factory.

Good luck.
holly **** ki just tried to take off my intake pipe thing and the metal cracked in half... What do i do now )-: