Stolen My Motorbike stolen!!!

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    Today I found out my motorbike was stolen, it was from between 11pm from last night to 3am this morning. I found out it was stolen this morning at 7:30 AM it's a Schwinn Men's Legacy 26" CruiserBike with a 66/80cc motor on it. It has tech-77 brakes and a speedometer on the handlebars. A piece of green tape rolled up on the left side of the handle bars and a piece of black tape on the right. I switched out the rear wheel with a mountain bike tire which is all black with a light blue line around a tire. It has a camo duck-tape taped around the end of the exhaust pipe. HOW THEY STOLE IT: They went in my front porch when I was sleeping with a suffering fever of food poisoning and they unscrewed the front tire and took the whole bike with them. My front tire, I had locked on the fence of my front porch. They had disconnected the cable that was connected with speedometer to my front tire. They even stole my damn lucky wrench!!! I live at between Longwood and Adams, los angeles, CA, 90016. Possible reach: 1-10 miles. They may have been watching my bike from days to weeks to analyze the security in my bike. Number of people involved 1-3. Race: African American, maybe Hispanic. I spent my life savings on this bike please HELP me FIND my bike! I bought this bike for 500$ on craigslist which I got ripped off of and repaired it for 200$. I spent a total of 700$... I have already filed a police report

    (Bike without the motor, the bike didn't have any benders or any guards)

    (Outdated pic:Bike with the motor but it was stolen without the Bikerack and bike mirror because I have taken it off)

    (It has tech77 brakes)

    (Closeup on carburetor)

    (Video of me ranting about it today when I found out about it!)
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    Sorry for your loss. Hope it gets recovered. I hope others see this and take extra measures to keep their bike safe.
    So you invested your life savings into it and only locked up the front wheel?
    Why didn't you lock it up proper through the frame?
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    Stir not the bitterness in the cup he hath prepared for himself.

    Sorry to bring in a joke right now, Bboyphil. But that question was un-needed anyway. I imagine you've asked yourself the same thing already.

    And I'm sorry for your loss.

    One good thing about these bikes, though, is that they can be replaced pretty cheap. Is $700 a nasty blow? I'm sure it is. But it's something that can be lived with.

    So start planning your next bike and get back out on the road with us.
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    that sucks!

    Do you have the bikes serial # recorded?

    Keep an eye on Craigslist.
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    Very sorry man, usually going to be parted.If you have the numbers keep an eye out for a bike like yours, freshly painted.I know this is after the cows got out, but if keeping outside, three locks, a U-lock for the frame and rear wheel, one for the frame to rack, one for frame/front wheel to rack.What also helps is put some metal noise makers (old cut up tin or AL works great, old windchimes) on your frame to rack cable, thieves hate making noise.That's a rough total of 1:30 time to steal your bike, too long and noisy for most bike thieves.
    Oh,... and make one lock a cable and one a chain, takes two tools to crack both.
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    Hey guys I'm raising a fundraiser so I can buy a new bike and start rolling by christmas. Every penny counts, thank you!
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    I know, I'm keeping my eyes on streets of course, everyday, I'm take a a look on craigslist everyday as well. And thanks for the advice I'll consider it!
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    I don't have the serial number recorded... I know I'm stupid. I keep my eye on craigslist everyday!
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    It's cool man I'm just hoping to get my bike back which I highly doubt... I don't have enough money to get a new bike. Those 700$ was everything I had so I'm gone for now.
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    Do you have renter's/homeowners insurance?
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    I would guess the original poster doesn't have insurance to cover the theft. I contacted my agent and in all his years in the business, a request for MB insurance was new to him. Still, he looked into it with the make and model of everything I purchased (including accessories) and he was able to provide a quote for theft/collision with $100 deductible. I consider it a modest amount and will probably get the insurance since bike theft seems so common everywhere.