My motored bike and my more unusual bikes

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by smitty, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I want to post pictures of my bikes too! At this point in time I have only one with a motor, but after putting one together, I want to do more. I'm currently watching for an engine. Those board track bikes really tickle my fancy. I want one like that!
    I also took photos of my more obscure bikes to post. Hope you like them.

    First the motored bike. The box in front of the basket is for bungy cords, lock and cable, nitrile gloves, and a rag.There is also a one pint spare gas can and it's attachment.My chain guard repair, also can be seen my air filter made from a bit of pvc fitting and a top from a spray paint can.
    A picture of a 1965 Moulton.
    A kangaroo bike from I think the early 1960's. One has to hop on the floor board to propel it.
    My fixed gear commuter, a Panasonic.
    And last, but certainly not least, some views of my three speed, An early 1950's BSA with many tricks; A Sturmey archer dynohub with a quick release ( possibly the only one in existence),(Have you ever seen one?). Mafac reversed brake levers (early 1960's) mated to campagnolo calipers. And an alloy Sturmey Archer three speed, dated 1953 complete with a S/A brush guard. The only parts on this bike not from Europe are the toe strap buttons and the bell.

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  2. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I was trying to put this in the picture gallery. I hope thats where it lands.
  3. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    Yes thats where i found it anyways . Nice use of space with the jerry can and tool box. i have what looks to be the exact size tool box but I put a rat trap on the front of my bike over the front wheel and have the box mounted to it . exc pics
    Oh, and what about the ford in the back ground? Very nice. That front grill is awsome. what year?
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  4. Wildman 1965

    Wildman 1965 Guest

    What year is the ford ? bike looks great but i love the truck!!:shock:
  5. smitty

    smitty Guest

    The truck is a 1952 F-2. (no, not F-250) (The guys at the auto parts store always ask, " F-250"? )3/4 ton, long bed. Not too many of those babies left. Ford used that grill in '51 and '52.
  6. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    The Kangaroo bike. It's propelled by jumping up and down because the rear wheel is laced off-center?
  7. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    ha ha ha ha. Only you would know that. :grin: Sorry man, but I couldn't help it. I had a flashback of a post a while back that your jumping up and down, and waving your arms was worth travelling to see. I just had a strange mental picture of life in Haines. I know, I'm warped. Just trying to cope. :grin:

  8. noah

    noah Guest


    Hey Smitty,
    I am wondering about your headlight if it runs on the white wire from the
    motor or what? Nice bike!:cool:
  9. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    hahahaaa . HEY, send a video of you riding it!! I wanna see you jumping up and down like a kangaroo wavin yer arms and all as Denny discribed !!haha . C'mon be a pal, we need a vid bro:grin: couldn't be much worse than this picture of it that I have in my head that won't go away heheheh hee hee chuckle how'bout a few pics at the very least???
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  10. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Always wondered how the grill fit in. Had a 49 with the 239 v8. Wish I still had it. Some interesting iron you have there. I gotta get one of the kangaroo bikes though. I vaguely remember the ads on tv many years ago.

  11. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    I love your old BSA :grin: There's some interesting and totally practical mods on your lovely bicycle and I can predict that it's fun to ride. I have a weakness for old lightweight bicycles and they tend to breed in my garage if I don't keep an eye on them.
  12. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I have to admit to liking the look of the older bikes - I remember the raleigh 10 speed racer I used to have. 10 speed and tires skinnier than even my fingers... 50mph down Layer Hill was fun, till of course I tried to stop... Its just I dont have the expertise or tools to get them going again.. cue expensive trip to the cycle store..

    Im a fan of both tradition (aka, the fault that *always* happens with a given model of something - eg Ro80's and cooked engines, often known as a feature...) and Bangernomics (buying something 30+ years old in the misguided hope that everything that could have gone wrong has already been replaced...)

    The highlight of the last one was the Humber Sceptre I had that at 9:30pm in winter in the middle of nowhere chucked a sparkplug right onto the fuel line...

    Jemma xx
  13. lhemrick

    lhemrick Guest

  14. smitty

    smitty Guest

    Thanks for all your responses. I do realize that I am a little off topic though. Sorry,I'll try to control myself in the future. To answer your future off topic questions, please wont you PM me.
    As for the video of the Kangaroo, that is a possibility.
    The head light is another issue that could be somewhere else also, because I wanted to ask for advice about it. When I first installed the head light I did power it with the white wire for a couple of weeks, then the engine started to cut out, and the problem vanished when I disconnected it. Now it is powered by four AA batteries soldered together in series. and taped to the frame under the gas tank. You can see it in the photo. Instead of installing a switch, I took out the low beam bulb and keep the original head light switch on "low" when I don't want the light on.
    I also want to say thanks to lhemrik for the link to that Excelsior board tracker that was a fun read.
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