My motorized bike just died while riding help troubleshoot this problem


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May 6, 2020
Howdy PHB...

If you share more information about what happened when it shut down on you,,, it might be easier to help you sort it out...

The only thing that might be able to help you out with at this point is,,, your engine won't work under water unless the electrical system is sealed,,, it might have something's to do with you riding your unit on the moon which would also account for the lack of atmospheric air pressure due to both the above conditions...

Or your fuel tank is full of air,,, Ha...

But look at the bright side PHB,,, your power bike has pedals,,, and or a wounded engine thats not running...

If you loose 1 pedal your still good to go,,, if both pedals fall off your ride is still rocking since it will still clip along on the down hill runs,,, thats a win win less the walking part...

Actually walking is good for most of us humans...

***But on a serious note,,, ***

if your intrested in share a bit more information,,, the good folks that visit this forum might be able to assist you in diagnosing the issue (s)...

Like the old guy said:
"""Correct fuel,,, timed spark,,, atmospheric pressure and some luck so long as the engine was/is in operational capacity,,, then it should/ migth fire up and run.""" LOL

Hopefully this helps



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Jan 20, 2019
Check for spark. If there is spark check for compression, if those are both legit it's most likely a dirty carburetor.