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    So ive managed to squeeze a jakes motorized speed racer engine into a 29 in ironhorse 21 speed. Ive particularly grown to love this bike as it has front and rear disc brakes that ive used a cable splitter to use simultaneously. Ive gone on to replace the wornout front forks with some 29er rockshox forks with adjustable recoil and lockout. As for the engine i went with a jakebike racing engine, with a mikuni carb, a hd lightning CDI and worked in a sick bike part shift kit. This bike was not skimped on at all it is my baby and ive pumped close to 1300$ in it just for kicks and wouldnt sell it, i offer locals to build them one all the time but no one wants to put any serious thought or $ into it

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  2. aceinthesky

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    Man I bet that thing is fast, are you hitting 50mph with that motor and shift kit?
  3. mikemarley

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    Yes depending on what fuel i use i top at about 45 to 55 on flats,depending on wind resistance and my carb tuning. Currently im running 110 leaded racing fuel 70% and 30% 91 non ethanol mixed with klotz 2 stroke techniplate oil, its awesome.
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    Cool. Where did you source that fuel tank?
  5. mikemarley

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    Off of 1977 mopeds, but be warned it took me 2 months to recieve it after numerous calls and emails to customer service, honestly its just a step thru moped tank that can be found on ebay