My Motorized Pusher

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    I'm getting it done,still need to add a basket for carrying groceries etc.This pusher will give my legs a rest when on those longer trips.I'm 44 and have fibromyalgia,so it has become to much for me to pedal all the time.This pusher is a lot of fun,i'm a big kid again.:grin5:

    I have the HF 6.5 hp engine on it,it's a bit overkill but for 100 bux for this engine who cares.The 2 things I need to work on is the thumb throttle is a bit to hard to press,not sure why,maybe just the long length of cable I have to pull.And the rear wheel wants to spin more often than normal.I think this is due to not having enough weight over the rear,like on a minibike.Still even so,this pusher gets me on down the road.I took it for my first longer trip today,10 miles to my Dads.You should see all the people who stare.Its so **** funny!

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