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Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by BikeMan, Sep 27, 2009.

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    I'm getting it done,still need to add a basket for carrying groceries etc.This pusher will give my legs a rest when on those longer trips.I'm 44 and have fibromyalgia,so it has become to much for me to pedal all the time.This pusher is a lot of fun,i'm a big kid again.

    I have the HF 6.5 hp engine on it,it's a bit overkill but for 100 bux for this engine who cares.The 2 things I need to work on is the thumb throttle is a bit to hard to press,not sure why,maybe just the long length of cable I have to pull.And the rear wheel wants to spin more often than normal.I think this is due to not having enough weight over the rear,like on a minibike.Still even so,this pusher gets me on down the road.I took it for my first longer trip today,10 miles to my Dads.You should see all the people who stare.Its so **** funny!

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  2. ollicat

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    Great looking pusher, still have it?
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    I sure do have it Ollicat, it's all dialed in now and is a pleasure to ride on a daily basis.I admit this pusher is a bit overbuilt after seeing a couple of others, if you go to you tube and search for IHARTPIE you will see another pusher made from bent pipe,a simpler design and just as capable.Another is the Drag N Fly basically a widened minibike frame.Link below.The main thing with these pushers are you really need em hitched at the seat post for balance,dont ask me how I know.

    My plans next are to get a cargo bike most likely the Cetma Cargo and transfer my pusher over to that.Someone always needs a ride or wants a ride.Not to mention I never have enough room for cargo,the Cetma will take care of that.

    Thanks for asking.....
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    Your pusher is awesome, brings back memories of me with the 6.5 on mine...

    It's AWESOME having that much power behind you on a bike.

    Glad to read you are still riding it and it's going strong! VERY nice design BTW.

    Happy and Safe riding out there!
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    Advantage / disadvantage of these pusher kits?